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DevOps Metrics: Measuring Success and Performance

Live Webinar

2 August 2024, Friday
8:00 PM IST Time Zone

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Saurabh Saxena

SAFe Practice
Consultant 6.0

Saurabh is an Authorized Instructor from PMI to deliver Disciplined Agile courses. He is also a Certified SAFe Practice Consultant from Scaled Agile Inc. He has experienced implementing SAFe at the portfolio level and launching ARTs and solution trains while being with the Financial Services, Telecommunications, FMCG, and the global restaurant industry

Saurabh has received excellent feedback from the participants while delivering SAFe Training for Product Mangers/Product Owners, Scrum Master, Advanced Scrum Master, DevOps, Lean Portfolio Management, Agile Product Delivery, SAFe for Teams, and Leading SAFe

His rating is 4.7/5 and 4.8/5 for individual participants and no. of classes delivered.
Saurabh is a Certified Professional Coach from ‘Grow More Avenues’, and has an excellent command of 4 attributes of coaching (Desired outcome, Innovative solution, SMART actions, and Accountability & Responsibility)

Saurabh is an experienced Agile Coach, practicing Agile for more than 12+ years. With a total of 18+ years of Information Technology experience. For last 8+ years, he is utilizing his Coaching experience and leading the Agile Transformation with Reliance Jio, Travelex, McDonald's, Vodafone, and Telefonica

Saurabh was a Certified Trainer from Capgemini University for Agile and its Frameworks. He was awarded the Dronacharya Award while being with Reliance Jio for delivering training on Agile, its frameworks, and Project management

During his 12+ years of Agile journey Saurabh has delivered multiple trainings on Agile and its various frameworks. He has also delivered several workshops on Story point estimation, Capacity Planning, Backlog prioritization, Scrum Ceremonies, Limiting WIP, Sprint execution, Value Stream Identification, and PI Planning

Saurabh has Coached 150+ individuals and 30+ leaders throughout his journey as an Agile Coach. He has also been a mentor for many associates and mentored them in growing in their careers from Novice to Master
Being a part of Agile Transformation, Saurabh works closely with leadership in their Agile journey defining strategy “what good looks like” for their environment, and the strategy and roadmap for getting there. He has implemented it in Reliance Jio, Travelex, and McDonald’s

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Benefits of attending

  • Learn about essential DevOps metrics that drive success.

  • Discover how to optimize workflows and boost productivity.

  • Gain insights from real-world examples and case studies.

  • Understand best practices for measuring and improving DevOps performance.

  • Learn how to avoid common mistakes in implementing DevOps metrics.

Who Should Join

  • Product Owners and Managers

  • Software Developers

  • CIOs and CTOs

  • Agile Practitioners

  • IT Professionals

  • Technical Leads

  • Anyone Interested in DevOps

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2 August 2024, Friday | 8:00 PM IST

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