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Story Writing

The purpose of Story-writing workshop is to make Developers and product write effective stories.

Develop skills for crafting clear and effective user stories within the Agile framework.

Gain expertise in Agile story mapping techniques for improved visualization and organization.

Enhance communication skills through Agile writing, fostering collaboration in Agile product development.


Duration : 4 hrs

Time: 9 am - 5 pm in all time zones

$ 500

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The Story-writing workshop empowers developers and product teams in crafting effective user stories through Agile narratives, story mapping, and Agile writing. This interactive session emphasizes Agile communication, covering storytelling in project management, Agile requirements, and user-centric Agile product development. Participants refine their story-writing skills for better collaboration within the Agile framework.

About Story

Stories in Agile are brief user-centric depictions of system functionality, implemented as small, vertical slices within days. They define system behavior succinctly, emphasizing Agile narratives, user stories, and communication, employing story mapping and Agile writing techniques, all vital in Agile product development and Agile requirements.

  • What are User Stories

  • Why do we need to write User Stories

  • Writing and Evaluating User Stories

  • User Role Models and Personas

Guidelines for good stories

Effective stories demand diverse perspectives. In Agile, fostering a shared understanding among the entire team about what to build is crucial for minimizing rework and enhancing throughout

  • Techniques for gathering stories

  • Writing good stories / working with proxies

  • INVEST in stories

  • Split stories simply and easily with a repeatable 5-step system

  • Know how much detail needs to be included, and when

  • Write stories faster, with fewer arguments

  • Acceptance Criteria and Acceptance Tests for User Stories

  • Troubleshoot problems

Planning with User stories

  • Planning and Estimating

  • Estimating User Stories

  • Planning a release

  • Planning an iteration

  • Measuring and monitoring velocity

  • Frequently Discussed Topics

  • What stories are not

  • Why User Stories

  • Story smells

  • Using stories with Scrum

  • Antipatterns


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