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Value Stream Identification

This workshop provides a structured, proven approach for collaborating with stakeholders to identify Value Streams.

Learn a proven approach to collaborate with stakeholders in identifying and optimizing Value Streams

Acquire a deep understanding of Value Stream Identification, Mapping, and Analysis

Develop proficiency in identifying Process Streams


Duration : 8 hrs

Time: 9 am - 5 pm in all time zones

$ 500

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This workshop provides a structured, proven approach for collaborating with stakeholders to identify Value Streams. In the workshop we agree on target optimizations and organizational constraints and identify a structure that works within these boundaries. This course helps stakeholders optimize their design by considering coordination requirements, dependencies, Epic distribution, and organizational change impact. In our comprehensive workshop, we cover essential aspects such as Value Stream Identification, Mapping, and Analysis, exploring the guiding Principles. Dive into Process Stream Identification, craft a Lean Value Stream, and understand the intricacies of Design, Integration, and Improvement for a customer-centric approach to success

About Value Stream

Value Streams, the orchestrated sequence of actions in a business, deliver continuous solutions, ensuring an unbroken flow of value to customers. A Value Stream, beginning, ending, and ideally continuing with a customer, involves a set of actions from the initial request to the realization of value

  • ​What is Value Stream

  • Why Value Stream

  • Importance of Value Stream

  • Benefit of Value Stream

  • Types of Value Stream

Identifying Value Stream

"Embracing a novel organizational paradigm, meticulously designed for the seamless flow of value across functional silos and borders, becomes paramount when delving into essential aspects like Value Stream Identification, Mapping, and Analysis

  • Identify Value Stream

  • A Review of the Value Stream

  • Identify the Development Value Streams that Build the Solutions

  • Types of Value Stream

  • Determine the operational value streams

  • Identify the Solutions the Operational Value Stream use, or Provide to Customers

  • Realize Development Value Streams into ARTs

  • Identify the People who Develop and Support the Solutions

  • Add the People Needed to Build the Full Business Solution

  • Development Value Streams Cross Boundaries

  • Splitting Large Value Streams into Multiple ARTs


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