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Value Stream Mapping

This workshop provides a structured, proven approach for collaborating with stakeholders while mapping Value Streams.

Gain a deep understanding of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) processes

Mastering essential symbols and collaborative techniques for efficient process mapping

Enhance practical insights for process optimization through a Value Stream Mapping


Duration : 4 hrs

Time: 9 am - 5 pm in all time zones

$ 500

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This workshop emphasizes Value Stream Mapping (VSM) processes, offering a comprehensive exploration of Value Stream Analysis and Future State Mapping. Participants will familiarize themselves with essential Value Stream Symbols through an interactive VSM Workshop. The workshop serves as an instructive Value Stream Mapping Tutorial, providing participants with valuable insights and practical skills for optimizing processes and envisioning future states in a collaborative and efficient manner.

About Value Stream

A Value Stream represents the sequence of steps a company takes to deliver a desired product or service to its customers. This involves a set of actions, from the initial concept through development stages to delivery and support, ensuring a consistent flow of value. The process, known as Value Stream Mapping (VSM), involves analyzing and mapping out this sequence. Techniques such as Future State Mapping and the understanding of Value Stream Symbols play a crucial role. This comprehensive approach provides practical insights for optimizing processes and envisioning future states systematically.

  • What is Value Stream

  • ​Why Value Stream

  • ​Importance of Value Stream

  • Benefit of Value Stream

  • Types of Value Stream

Mapping of Value Stream

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a lean tool using flowcharts to document each process step. This lean manufacturing technique analyzes and manages the flow of materials and information for efficient product delivery to customers. Organizing around Value Streams aims to speed up time to value, achieved by streamlining value flow across the entire system.

  • Mapping the Current State

  • ​Reducing time to market to Mapping Value Stream

  • Organize people around Value Stream

  • Defining Development stream

  • Lean Budgeting for Development Value Streams

  • Value Stream KPI

  • ​Value Stream Coordination


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