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Public Speaking & Confidence Building

Speaking in front of a group is the biggest fear of most people, and I agree that it might be daunting and that’s what this module is for.

Do you hesitate to talk in large gathering? Are you flooded with thoughts like “Will I know enough?” “Will they like my speech?” “What will they think of my confidence? Public Speaking and Confidence Building course will help you bring some serious empowerment to your public speaking and leave your audience with a memorable impression.


Duration : 1 Month

Time: 6 pm - 8 pm in all time zones

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Public speaking is the ability to talk in front of an audience effectively

demonstrating one's capacity for persuasion or the capacity to win over an


Following are the sessions covered under this particular workshop:

  • Body Language

  • Art of small talk

  • Impression Management

  • Routine Building

  • Public Speaking

  • Smart Goal Planning

  • Power of Poise

  • Elevator Pitch

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