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Advance Agility!

Extensive Webinars

Check upcoming & past webinars, where we bring strategic insights and the unique perspectives of the agile & Scrum industry’s opinion leaders to a wider audience.

Learn with Advance Agility

Upcoming Webinar

Register to join these listed live sessions by industry experts.

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SAFe Scrum Master: Driving Productivity Through Agile Metrics

Join our SAFe Scrum Master: Driving Productivity Through Agile Metrics webinar to gain invaluable insights into maximizing productivity in Agile environments. Learn how to effectively measure and interpret key Agile metrics, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive success in your projects.

Whether you're a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Product Owner, or part of an Agile team, this webinar offers practical strategies and real-world examples to enhance your skills and accelerate your Agile journey.

Register now and take the first step towards becoming a more effective and impactful Agile leader.

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Achieving Business Objectives with SAFe Value Stream Optimization

Join us for an engaging webinar where we'll explore the world of Value Streams in SAFe!
Learn about the two essential types: Operational and Development, which are the sequences of steps that drive value delivery to your customers, and understand how each stream highlights the flow of value, identifies delays and overcomes bottlenecks.
Discover how Lean enterprises use value stream identification, visualisation, and optimisation to enhance their time to market, improve quality, and maximize value. Don't miss out on this informative session that will revolutionise your approach to your business!

Past Webinars

If you want to learn again then join these listed past sessions by industry experts.


How to become a SAFe Trainer?

Join top 10% of Business Agility Experts by becoming a certified SAFe trainer- of world's #1 considered and adopted framework for scaling agile SAFe


Scrum vs SAFe

Ultimate Agile Face-off: Get ready to learn about the differences between two of the leading agile frameworks from the comfort of your home or office


Why You Should Have Two Career Options

Discover the benefits of becoming a SAFe Practice Consultant and Trainer with Amogh Joshi, a Business Agility Coach and SPCT Candidate, in our upcoming webinar

Gaurav Rajwanshi Webinar

SAFe Advance Scrum Master: Q&A Session

Join us for an enlightening and interactive webinar featuring Gaurav Rajwanshi, a distinguished SPCT-C. Explore the depths of SAFe Advanced Scrum Master practices in an exclusive Q&A session that promises to unravel the complexities and provide invaluable insights for agile enthusiasts.

Saurabh Saxena Webinar

Leading SAFe with Saurabh Saxena

Join us on February 22nd for an insightful webinar on Leading SAFe with Saurabh Saxena, an Authorized PMI Instructor, SAFe Practice Consultant, SAFe Trainer, and Release Train Engineer. This webinar is a must for anyone looking to enhance their understanding of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and project management methodologies.

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