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Coaching Flow

The Coaching Flow course explores the fundamental abilities needed for efficient team leadership.

Acquire the skills to accelerate flow within teams using SAFe principles

Gain expertise in applying coaching principles

Develop a holistic understanding of Value Stream Management.


Duration : 4 hrs

Time: 9 am - 5 pm in all time zones

$ 500

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The Coaching Flow course delves into essential competencies for effective team leadership, accelerating flow with SAFe principals. The course integrates a comprehensive Coaching Flow chart, incorporating official SAFe content and guidelines. Participants gain proficiency in fostering Team Flow, mastering ART Flow, Solution Train Flow, and Portfolio Flow, all while emphasizing the significance of Value Stream Management. This holistic approach equips individuals with the skills to apply coaching principles effectively, recognizing the pivotal role of coaching in fostering creative problem-solving and driving optimal outcomes through innovative approaches. The training imparts knowledge of methods and tools essential for cultivating creativity, devising customer-centric solutions, and enhancing collaborative teamwork. It advocates for a culture of continual improvement, with a specific emphasis on innovative approaches to problem-solving for optimal outcomes.

What is Coaching Flow?

Coaching flow" encapsulates the expertise and methodologies tailored to accelerate Flow with SAFe to elevate team workflow and performance. This term encompasses the cognitive, strategic, and practical approaches utilized by coaches in guiding teams. Achieving Coaching flow necessitates advanced proficiency in Lean-Agile practices, harmonizing and implementing these specialized skills throughout the entire organizational framework.

  • Key Components of Coaching Flow

  • Coaching Flow Approach

  • Benefits of Coaching Flow

Hands-on Course Activities: Building Skills and Expertise

Elevate your team leadership prowess and catalyze transformative growth with our dynamic Coaching Flow course. Explore fundamental principles, including accelerating flow with SAFe, and master essential techniques to establish efficient coaching practices. Through interactive activities and real-world applications, delve into creating a culture of continuous improvement, aligning with SAFe guidelines and leveraging Value Stream Management for remarkable outcomes.

  • Facilitate Value Stream Mapping 

  • Establish Kanban Systems

  • Measure Flow

  • Apply the Eight Flow Accelerators 

  • Transform

  • Foster a Flow Mindset

Coaching Flow Approach

At the core of the "Coaching Flow course" lies a focus on steering individuals towards refining their coaching skills, harnessing the principles of coaching flow to achieve positive and transformative outcomes. Embracing a comprehensive and experiential strategy, the course seamlessly weaves together theory, practical techniques, and interactive activities to foster an immersive environment for learning and skill development. This approach aligns with the broader concepts of accelerating flow with SAFe, incorporating SAFe guidelines and emphasizing the significance of Value Stream Management for holistic growth.

The approach of the "Coaching Flow course" typically includes the following elements:

  • Theoretical Framework

  • Experiential Learning

  • Coaching Tools and Techniques

  • Peer Interaction and Feedback

  • Reflective Practice

Unlock Your Potential: The Advantages of Embracing Coaching Flow

Unlock your full potential through the transformative power of Coaching Flow. Discover personal growth, strengthened relationships, empowered decision-making, peak performance, and a harmonious work-life integration. Embrace the benefits of Coaching Flow, incorporating principles such as accelerating flow with SAFe, guided by a dynamic Coaching flow chart and anchored in official SAFe content and guidelines. Nurture a state of Team Flow, master ART Flow, navigate Solution Train Flow, and optimize your professional journey with Portfolio Flow and strategic Value Stream Management. Seize the advantages of Coaching Flow, paving the way to your unparalleled success.

  • Personal Transformation

  • Enhanced Communication and Relationships

  • Empowered Decision-Making

  • Heightened Performance and Productivity

  • Thriving Work-Life Integration

  • Sustainable Success and Growth


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Our company revolves around people. At the heart of our organization are individuals—those comprising Advance Agility and the clients we cater to.

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We encompass a comprehensive range of expertise, providing 360 guidance in established frameworks to our clients. 

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Rather than viewing ourselves merely as a vendor or provider, we see ourselves as dedicated partners in success, actively paving the way for our clients' future achievements.

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