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Design Thinking

Creative problem solving is increasingly recognized as the most sought-after skill in business.

Cultivate a deep understanding of user needs, approaching problem-solving with empathy.

Hone skills in the iterative creation and refinement of prototypes, informed by continuous user feedback.

Develop expertise in fostering innovation through collaborative problem-solving across diverse skill sets.


Duration : 4 hrs

Time: 9 am - 5 pm in all time zones

$ 500

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In the dynamic landscape of modern business, creative problem solving has become an important skill. Design thinking methodology, particularly in the context of Design Thinking Agile, Agile UX Design, and Scrum and Design Thinking, is pivotal in understanding user needs (empathy), defining the problem, ideation, prototyping, testing based on customer feedback. This course centers on the pivotal relationship between innovation and effective problem-solving, introducing participants to the principles and practical applications of design thinking Framework. Participants will not only learn the fundamentals but also gain mastery in utilizing various tools and techniques integral to the User-Centric Agile, Agile Product Design, and the Agile Design Process to build user-specific and innovative solutions. design thinking approach to build user-specific and innovative solution.

What is design thinking

Design thinking encompasses the knowledge about how people approach design challenges and the array of cognitive, strategic, and practical techniques designers use in the creative process. It's not just a concept; it's the understanding and methods designers bring to crafting solutions that resonate with human experiences. It serves as the dynamic link, bridging the theoretical understanding of design challenges with the hands-on, innovative process of bringing ideas to life. Incorporating methodologies like Design Thinking in Agile, Agile UX Design, Scrum and Design Thinking, User-Centric Agile, Agile Product Design, and the Agile Design Process, it forms a comprehensive Design Thinking Framework that propels the transformation of ideas into impactful solutions.

  • Definition of Design Thinking

  • Design Thinking Framework

  • Importance of Design Thinking

Five Key steps of Design Thinking

Design thinking, encapsulated in five key steps. These steps are vital as they systematically guide the creative process, ensuring a deep understanding of user needs and iterative refinement. This approach, incorporating methodologies like Agile UX Design and User-Centric Agile resulting in innovative and user-centric solutions. These steps empower designers to resolve complex challenges effectively and deliver best practical solutions.

  • Empathize

  • Define

  • Ideate

  • ​Prototype

  • Test

Practice Design Thinking approaches

In project management, development teams employ planning poker, also known as "scrum poker" or "pointing poker," as a gamified approach to estimate the effort required for tasks. These estimates, derived from the collective input and consensus of the entire team, are not only more accurate but also add an element of engagement to the estimation process compared to other methods.

  • Writing Vision

  • Empathy Maps

  • ​Creating Strategic Themes

  • Story Maps

  • Creating Epics

  • Whole Product Thinking

  • Journey Maps

Introduction to Innovative games

By incorporating other Innovation Games into your strategy, the Show and Tell activity can elevate engagement levels, fostering a collaborative environment that sparks creativity. This dynamic approach not only enhances enjoyment but also unlocks a wealth of unique and compelling outcomes, making the innovation process more vibrant and effective.

  • ​Me and my shadow

  • ​Start of the day


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We encompass a comprehensive range of expertise, providing 360 guidance in established frameworks to our clients. 

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