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Agile Estimation

“We’re Agile, so we don’t need to estimate” Wrong!

Gain proficiency in estimating user stories using Story Points, a key metric in Agile planning.

Learn methods for prioritizing backlog items, enabling teams to focus on high-value features and improvements.

Develop an understanding of team velocity, allowing for better predictability and planning in Agile project management.


Duration : 4 hrs

Time: 9 am - 5 pm in all time zones

$ 500

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Agile Estimation

Agile Estimation is an approach within Agile methodology which equips the professionals with hands-on proficiency in estimation techniques, elevate their collaborative capabilities within Agile teams. It facilitates effective planning and decision-making, promoting adaptability and teamwork in Agile projects. This approach aligns with Safe PO practices and is essential for individuals preparing for the Agile, SAFe Agilst exam.

  • Do we really need to do Agile estimation?

  • Separate Estimating from Committing

  • Estimation Techniques

  • Absolute Vs. Relative Estimation

What is Story point estimation?

Story point estimation metrics is used in Agile project development and serve as a unit where teams assess the relative effort and complexity of individual user stories or tasks instead of relying on specific time-based estimations such as hours or days to foster adaptability and collaborative planning in the face of uncertainties.

  • What is a Story?

  • How to write good stories.

  • Why Story Point Estimation?

  • How are stories estimated

Planning Poker

One of the most commonly adopted Agile estimation techniques is planning poker. Within project management, development teams utilize planning poker, often referred to as "scrum poker" or "pointing poker," as a gamified technique for estimating the effort involved in project tasks. Team members cast anonymous votes for estimating an item using uniquely numbered playing cards. The process is repeated until the entire team reaches a consensus about the accurate estimation. The distinctive feature of these estimates lies in their enhanced accuracy and engagement, as they derive from the collective input and consensus of the entire team.

  • Practice Story point estimation

  • What if not able to estimate?

Roles in Estimation

Within Scrum projects, the Sprint Planning Meeting involves collective estimation by the entire team. The goal is to prioritize User Stories for the upcoming Sprint and evaluate the team's capacity to accomplish them within the allocated Sprint time box.

Which roles are involved in Agile Estimation Activity

  • Product Owner role

  • Scrum Master role

  • Agile Team role


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