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AI for Product Owners

Elevate Your Product Ownership with AI Integration

Discover the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in product management. Our live instructor-led course empowers Product Owners to leverage AI for enhanced decision-making, efficiency, and innovation.

AI for Product Owners

Duration : 8 hours (2 hours per day for 4 days)

Time: 6 pm - 8 pm in all time zones

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Why AI for Product Owners?

In an era of digital advancement, AI holds a pivotal role in transforming the role of a product owner by offering data-driven insights, enhancing decision-making, and optimizing efficiency. Through advanced analytics, product owners are empowered to acquire deep customer insights, personalize products, and predict market trends, leading to well-informed and strategic product roadmaps. Advance Agility ‘AI for Product Owners’ course equips Product Owners with the deep understanding and skillset to integrate AI seamlessly into their strategies and workflows. 

Live Instructor-Led Sessions

  • Duration: 8 hours

  • Format: 2 hours per day for 4 days

  • Time: 6-8pm in all time zones

Post-Course Support

  • 2 hours of dedicated Q&A support available within 90 days of course completion.

  • Email support for 90 days for continued guidance and assistance.

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