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Weighted Shortest Job First: Why WSJF?

Live Webinar

19th July 2023, Wednesday

5:00 PM (UK Time)

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Amogh Joshi

Enterprise Agile Coach and Consultant

Amogh Joshi is a senior agile consultant executing enterprise agile and digital transformation programs. He has led three agile transformations for large organizations in the last two years. He has experience in formulating and executing a scaled agile transformation strategy using SAFe and other scaling frameworks like scrum@scale.​

He is a practitioner of SAFe, PI Planning, Lean, Kanban, Scrum and XP (Extreme Programming). Most of his experience is in coaching and mentoring executives, agile coaches, scrum master and agile teams. His understanding of scaling frameworks like SAFe, S@S, Nexus, LeSS, DA and Spotify helps the participants to have a comparison between them and choose the most suitable framework for their organizations need.


Why to attend this Webinar

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Learn how Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) can optimize your task prioritization, minimizing waiting times, and maximizing productivity.

  • Tailored Decision-Making: Gain insights into how WSJF assigns relative importance to different tasks based on their business value, complexity, and urgency.

  • Time and Resource Optimization: Understand how WSJF can help you allocate your limited resources effectively and make informed decisions on task sequencing.

  • Increased ROI: Explore how WSJF enables you to focus on high-value tasks, ensuring you achieve better returns on your investments.

  • Agile Implementation: Uncover how WSJF aligns with Agile methodologies, enabling you to adapt quickly to changing priorities and deliver value to customers faster.

  • Practical Examples: Gain practical knowledge through real-world examples and case studies illustrating the application of WSJF in diverse industries and scenarios.

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19th July, Wednesday I 5:00 PM (UK Time)

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