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The Rise and Fall of Kodak 

Live Webinar

21st June 2024, Friday
6:00 PM UK Time Zone

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Jeetesh Kumar

Agile Delivery, Executive Coach for Products.

Jeetesh Kumar is part of intelligent Automation (Process mining , Data Products RPA& Chabot) machine learning practice his specialized knowledge of tools, procedures, and methodologies and application in assisting clients in the variegated industry; implementing a core back-end software system, Infrastructure topic is extensively covered when deploying these Software artifacts

He has 12 plus years’ experience in having worked in the field in areas of AI and Automation, Digital Technologies, Agile Transformation .

During this time working as Agile practices, and Kanban Coaching with in organization
• Evangelize the agile transformation and guide the organization and teams through the agile journey and maturity growth.
• Define and refine the organization's agile principles, practices, and standards. Lead Agile practices and events e.g. Planning, per and post PI planning & PI training/coaching.
• Mentor, coach and train Enterprise levels of the organization on agile principles, practices, roles, artefacts and ceremonies to maintain consistency of adoption and continuously improve performance.
• Use agile adoption measurements to evaluate and report the performance and adherence of the organization on a regular basis.
Studied at Indian School of Business

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Benefits of attending

  • Understand the complete history of Kodak, from its inception and rise to its eventual decline.

  • Identify and analyze the strategic missteps that contributed to Kodak's downfall.

  • Discover valuable lessons on how to navigate technological disruptions and market changes effectively.

  • Enhance your strategic planning skills by learning from Kodak's experiences in innovation and adaptation.

  • Participate in a live Q&A session with the speakers to get personalized insights and advice.

  • Learn how to apply the lessons from Kodak’s journey to your own business.

Who Should Join

  • Business Leaders

  • Agile Coaches

  • Product Owners

  • Strategists and Planners

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Marketing Professionals

  • Anyone interested

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