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What are the Career Prospects Available for a Certified Scrum Master?

Updated: Mar 8

Certified Scrum Master


The scrum framework focuses on one objective at a time. That is one product goal. It helps organizations to produce value based on adaptive solutions. The theories, values, events, and principles are simple to understand and can be implemented with the help of a Scrum Master who has extensive knowledge about the framework. The SAFe Scrum Master plays a major role in making the entire agile teamwork on complex products with systematic guidance. They use an iterative approach to create values.

In this article, let’s explore the part a Certified SAFe Scrum Master plays in developing the right mindset and values in Scrum teams for generating better value. Also, we share here the effective career path a Scrum Master can expect to choose after becoming a Certified candidate.

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What are the major roles of a Certified Scrum Master?

A certified SAFe Scrum Master guides and leads scrum teams through continuous coaching and guiding. They ensure the smooth functioning of the agile teams of an organization. Here are some important roles of a SAFe Scrum Master,

  1. A SAFe Scrum Master is a certified professional who possesses extra practical knowledge about the Scrum framework.

  2. They facilitate Scrum events such as iteration planning, daily stand-up meetings, and retrospectives.

Their job is to prepare the Scrum teams to understand the value of prioritizing the tasks in the Product Backlog.

4. They bring the mindset shift to become an agile professional.

5. Another major role of a Certified Scrum Master is to assist PI Planning. It is a shorter cycle where multiple agile teams which is called Agile Release Train discuss the features and requirements for the product, identify the interdependencies and steps to follow for upcoming features to apply in the product, and create a roadmap for the product.

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How to become a Certified Scrum Master?

To become a Certified Scrum Master, one needs certain qualifications and extra knowledge on the practicality of adopting the better process to guide other agile teams. Now let’s discuss how you can become a Certified Scrum Master in a large organization.

To become a Certified SAFe Scrum Master, the candidate must ace a SAFe Scrum Master Certification exam.

1. The candidate must start with learning the basics of handling Lean-Agile projects, Scrum and other famous frameworks such as Kanban and eXtreme Programming (XP).

2. The next step is to join a valuable course that provides the candidate with necessary actionable insights into the important functions of the framework, knowledge about building a high-performing agile teams. A course that exposes the candidates with practical way of addressing complex projects in the large enterprise.

3. Updating the knowledge through practising regularly with case studies, mock tests, and course materials.

4. After the training period gets over, the candidate must attend the online test and get pass marks to be a certified candidate.

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Career options for a Certified Scrum Master

When you are a certified candidate, you stand out among other agile professionals. You become an eligible candidate for business owners who are looking for individuals who have visible credibility and reliability in their profile. As a Certified Scrum Master, you become the perfect match for top companies looking to hire a candidate with advanced knowledge on the subject and who has enough practical knowledge to guide their teams.

1. Senior Scrum Master: After you obtain the certification for the Scrum Master role, you can advance your career status by joining as a senior scrum master in a large organization. you will get the opportunity to work on multiple projects with a couple of Product Owners as well. And can provide other required assistance to the agile teams with adopting and applying scrum values and principles.

2. Scrum Manager: As a certified candidate, you can aim for a scrum manager role. Here you are accountable for identifying and removing the impediments faced by the agile team.

3. Chief Scrum Master: This role is considered an advanced position, where you have to focus on optimizing the development process by maintaining the backlog and guiding the team to work on the sprint progress.

You can also aim to join as a Release Train Engineer or other senior roles with Scrum Master Certification.


In conclusion, a Certified SAFe Scrum Master plays a major role in improving the functioning of agile teams in an organization. And there are multiple opportunities open for a certified candidate.


1. What are the major roles a Certified Scrum Master can aim for?

Some of the valuable roles in market that a Certified Scrum Master can aim for are Agile coach for multiple agile teams in a large organization, Product Owner who has a wider role to play in bringing a valuable product to the market, and a Senior Scrum Master who handles tough products with proper guidance.

2. How can a certified scrum master facilitate the project development process?

They focus on drafting the PI plan, ensuring proper coordination among the teams, reviewing the plan, and lastly working on the execution plan. Unlike scrum masters at the beginner level, a certified scrum master works with multiple scrum teams that include agile professionals, other scrum masters, and stakeholders.

3. How scrum master certification is helpful for individuals?

Pursuing a Certification course can make a huge difference in landing the perfect dream job for any individual. If you are an existing Scrum Master who is competent enough to produce a tactful strategy for your agile team. And possess extreme knowledge about certain frameworks applied in developing a perfect product, then becoming a certified candidate can add to your reputation to join any large enterprises.

4. What are the important attributes fostered in agile team members to achieve maximum potential?

Having goal clarity, maintaining transparency while operating, and providing timely feedback are some important attributes to consider.

5. How to improve the program performance of an organization?

By guiding the agile team through the inspection and adapt activities. And by encouraging the team to focus on problem-solving approaches.

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