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Learn How Scrum Works & its Importance

Updated: Mar 8

Scrum Courses

What is Scrum?

Scrum is an agile framework that helps address complex project management issues. It is all about breaking a project into smaller parts to build a project with the minimum amount of base feature. It involves developing products creatively with the highest possible value.

To understand the importance of the Scrum framework, we need to understand the traditional methodology which is the waterfall method. A traditional waterfall model is based on one whole iteration planning where the understanding of the product needs is less. It takes a couple of weeks to build a plan for the project and again a couple of months to build that product. And then comes the testing, reviewing, and lastly deploying the product into the market. But by the time it reaches the market that is after one year, the demand changes in the market. So, there is no value for the product developed.

Some of the issues associated with the waterfall model are drawbacks, not understanding the needs and backstepping. These issues can be resolved using the Scrum framework. As discussed earlier, the Scrum methodology breaks the project into small iterations that are called sprints to develop a working and relevant product. The product keeps up with the market development.

In this article, we share everything about scrum so that you can start using the scrum framework to improve your processes to deliver a valuable product.

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How does the Scrum work?

The Scrum involves starting with a plan and building the plan with a minimum amount of feature. And continue with the testing and reviewing of the developed product. This process takes around two to four weeks to receive a proper shippable product in the hand. And then continues with the same cycle that reduces the time taken for the planning part. The Scrum way of working helps produce several different versions of the product with the maximum value in less time.

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What are Some Important Scrum Events and Practices?

Scrum framework is a lightweight, simple-to-decipher methodology but very difficult to master. It involves breaking down the product into small iterations called sprints. And at the end of each iteration, there is a potentially deliverable software. This framework comprises a set of values, principles, practices, and events that guide the scrum teams in the development process.

A scrum team has around ten members and the important roles are Scrum Master, Product Owner, and the development team. Here the scrum master plays a major role in understanding the business objectives, and customer requirements, and prioritizing the tasks in the product backlog. They are responsible for building and managing the product backlog and providing clear guidance to the team.

Scrum artifacts assist the scrum master in defining the product. This includes the sprint backlog, product backlog, and DOD. The scrum framework also includes some agile events to develop the sprints. These events help the scrum team to organize the backlog which is conducted by the scrum master. It is about maintaining a healthy backlog.

Another scrum event is sprint planning. This event is also run by the scrum master to decide on the sprint goals. It involves adding the user stories to the backlog. Each event ends with collecting the stories to implement during the sprint. Other important scrum events conducted by the product owners are daily stand-up meetings that are short, sprint review events, and sprint retrospectives.

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Importance of Scrum Framework

To reach the next level of agility in your business, you need the scrum framework. To prevent a project from drowning, you need a team that plays according to the needs and responds to the changes that pop up anytime. They should be active enough to play more accurately when the changes happen. Changes in a project development process are inevitable, but what we can control is the systems and methodologies that we can follow to address those changes and maintain the flow of the development process.

Scrum enables the team to give quicker releases, better customer satisfaction, high-quality products, and more.


In conclusion, becoming an agile organization is possible with Scrum. It can enhance the quality of your agile team in building a high-value product. The 0nly thing is to develop the right mindset to follow the steps and drive benefits out of it.


1. How does the Scrum framework assist in addressing changing requirements?

Scrum framework assists in taking in the feedback through short release cycles. It allows re-prioritization of the work which increases customer satisfaction and helps address the changing requirements for the product.

2. How Scrum differ from Kanban?

Both Scrum and Kanban are agile methodologies used to manage projects. Scrum is a combination of iterative and incremental approaches whereas, Kanban aims at improving the process by balancing the demands.

3. What are the fundamental aspects of the Scrum framework?

Scrum follows the iterative and incremental process, it relies on self-organized teams, promotes collaboration, and uses tools such as sprint events, burnout charts, and product backlogs.

4. How to manage team dynamics as a Scrum Master?

The scrum master can manage the team by insisting on self-management, and cross-functionality, conducting regular scrum events to bring the team on track, and assisting team members in eliminating the impediments.

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