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Measure and Grow

Measure and Grow are crucial steps in ensuring success on the journey toward Business Agility.

Develop proficiency in conducting Agile assessments, enabling accurate measurement of an organization's current Agile practices.

Learn strategies for implementing Agile growth based on assessment results

Understand and apply Agile metrics, including team performance metrics, Scrum metrics, SAFe metrics, and Lean-Agile measurement


Duration : 4 hrs

Time: 9 am - 5 pm in all time zones

$ 500

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The "Measure and Grow" course focuses on applying SAFe assessments to measure an organization's current Agile practices. It focuses on essential aspects including Agile performance metrics, team performance measurement, Agile growth strategies, continuous improvement, Agile maturity, team development, Agile assessment, Agile metrics, Scrum metrics, SAFe metrics, and Lean-Agile measurement. This comprehensive approach enables organizations to assess their current state, identify improvement opportunities, and implement strategies for continuous advancement within the Agile framework.

About Measure and Grow

The Measure and Grow approach is employed by SAFe enterprises to assess their journey towards Business Agility and identify actions for improvement. Portfolios assess their progress towards business agility through the Measure and Grow methodology, utilizing metrics such as Agile performance, team performance, and SAFe metrics. This approach involves continuous improvement, strategies for Agile growth, and development of teams to enhance overall business outcomes. The focus is on assessing the current state and systematically advancing through Lean-Agile measurement practices.

  • What is Measure and Grow

  • Why we need to Measure and Grow

Using Measure and Grow in SAFe

The Vision offers an overview of the potential future state of the developed Solution, outlining features and capabilities tailored to meet the needs of customers and stakeholders. The term 'Measure and Grow' is utilized in SAFe value stream portfolios to evaluate progress towards business agility and plan improvement steps. This involves assessing the current state of a portfolio and implementing strategies for overall business improvement. The 'Measure and Grow' process includes two distinct assessment mechanisms: the SAFe Business Agility Assessment for LPM and portfolio stakeholders to evaluate overall progress, and the SAFe Core Competency Assessments for teams and trains to enhance technical and business practices supporting the portfolio's larger goals.

  • SAFe Business Agility assessment

  • Solution and PI Running the Business Agility Assessment

  • Taking an action on Business Agility Assessment

  • SAFe core competency Assessment

  • Running a Core Competency Assessment

  • Analyzing Results of a Core Competency Assessment

  • Analyzing Results of a Core Competency Assessment


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