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Why Scrum Master Role is Difficult?

Updated: 5 days ago

Scrum has provided great value and culture to various organizations. Scrum is a framework to develop software and non-software product, which is well recognized due to its immense benefits and easy approach. I have seen various education and businesses of almost all kinds using scrum as a framework for their development and operations. I have also seen them succeeding in their respective fields with the help of scrum. Along with the rising demand and popularity of scrum, the demand for scrum masters is also increasing. Scrum master role includes implementation of scrum overall. Even though scrum can be easily understood but it’s difficult to implement. Many say that scrum doesn’t have a practical effect. It is all because they fail to implement scrum as they understand. So the role of scrum master in scrum is very important at the same time it is also very difficult.

“All difficult things have their origin in that which is easy, and great things in that which is small.”-Lao Tzu.

So when we will understand the small and easy things of the scrum that makes the task difficult for the scrum master we will be able to make scrum great and easy to implement also as a scrum master. The role of the scrum master in agile is different and hard compared to the traditional way of working so it needs to be understood fully and know difficulties in the path beforehand. In today’s article, we will learn about some scrum difficulties a scrum master needs to face and tips to avoid and overcome them.

Difficulties in the Role of Scrum Master

Scrum master

Fitting everything in a Time-box :-

Scrum has a time box for almost every event in the framework for a different time. Scrum Master needs to ensure that events are precisely achieved the required aim within that defined time. While doing so scrum master needs to be ready beforehand with the clarity of events purpose, distractions caused in between, and the individuals that take over the meetings. This practical work clearly shows how challenging the task is.

Solution- Work firstly in a small. Take your team included to experiment with this small start by following a strict time-box for the event. Then increase this experiment with other scrum events further implementing it in your team regularly.

To Act as an Admin :-

With dozens of work responsibilities scrum masters also book meetings, schedule events, invite people for events, and also take notes in short work as an admin. Even though they are not primary tasks but still scrum masters have taken these additional tasks. This adds the extra burden to already piled-up tasks.

Solution- Use this task as a shared responsibility and a chance to build up relations. By changing your perspective towards the work you can gain much more knowledge and be are recognized person.

Lack of Agile Awareness of Team :-

Many times some team members get stuck in their tasks as they are not aware of the way of processing and developing in the scrum framework. A single team member issue will affect the complete team which can slow down the delivery and development of the product.

Solution- Talk to and understand your team member to identify the issue individually. In many cases, similar issues occur to many in a team. Make sure that your team is a good verse of the scrum framework and agile foundation and principles.

Getting Timely Resolution :-

Timely delivery of sprint with effective identification and solution of a problem. Team members may not be able to understand the issue so the responsibility of solving the issue within time falls on the scrum master's shoulder which is a tricky thing to handle making the scrum master's job difficult.

Solution- Try to get help outside the team when feels like support is not enough. This helps you complete the task in time and helps gain advice from an experienced person.

Managing Role Expectation :-

Different managers have different expectations from a team and scrum master. This expectation makes success hard to achieve making scrum master’s life a bit harder. Even managers may expect many things that are out of the scrum master’s domain but still, it depends on the scrum master how to deal with the expectations.

Solution- Gain clarity from the reporting manager and principal sponsor on what are their expectations of the project and from the scrum master role. Also, ensure to understand what the things to be considered out of domain are.

Many Constraints in the Job :-

There are various constraints in an organization some can be removed some cannot. This constraint can become an obstacle in the path of becoming a successful scrum master.

Solution- List out all the constraints you are facing and then write exactly what’s creating a problem in it for you. By discussing with higher authorities try to eliminate and remove them.

With the above tips remove the obstacle in your path to being a successful scrum master.

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