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What are the Several Configurations of the Scaled Agile Framework in Version 6.0?

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Emerging from four bodies of knowledge such as Agile development, Systems thinking, Lean product development, and DevOps, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) supports organizations with small teams to huge numbers of people working to build and deliver results fast. Version 6.0 of the SAFe framework is the sixth major iteration that is developed to support organizations achieve business agility which is not an option but a necessity. What makes this latest version unusually good is the seven core competencies and four configurations that help organizations to address various aspects like,

  • Aligning technology development to strategic business goals.

  • Delivering value on a framed schedule.

  • Improving the quality of the product to satisfy the customer needs and more.

In this article, we are about to learn the four important configurations of the SAFe 6.0 framework that provides a set of values, principles, and practices to assist organizations realize more significant business benefits.

SAFe 6.0

Essential SAFe Essential SAFe is the primary building block for the other SAFe configurations. It is considered the starting point based on the principles and practices of four core competencies such as Lean-Agile leadership, Team and Technical Agility, Agile Product Delivery, and Continuous Learning Culture. This configuration consists of the Agile teams that cover a big part of the work of defining, building, validating, deploying, and supporting the other significant systems. The cross-functional nature of the agile teams helps connect to the customer and deliver a continuous flow of value to the customer. The least amounts of artifacts, events, and roles is what makes the Essential SAFe the most accessible form of SAFe. This configuration involves ART Flow which supports the following condition:

A bulk amount of work can naturally decrease the productivity flow of ARTs. It can be rectified by applying the eight flow accelerators such as,

  1. Visualize and limit WIP

  2. Address bottlenecks

  3. Minimize Handoffs and Dependencies

  4. Get faster feedback

  5. Work in smaller batches

  6. Reduce queue lengths

  7. Optimize time

  8. Remediate legacy policies and practices

Large Solution SAFe

Large solution SAFe is a more advanced configuration than the Essential SAFe. It consists of a wide range of practices and roles to support organizations that require multiple ARTs working together. This configuration is applicable for government agencies, defence and aerospace industries with the most significant challenges. The challenges include building large-scale systems, hardware, cyber-physical, and complex systems.

Here the core competency that helps guide the multiple teams is the SAFe Enterprise Solution Delivery competency. When organizations move to the next stage of their growth, the systems demand thousands of team members and engineers to handle tasks. To support multiple products and a line of business, the enterprise solution delivery competency works better. It also assists multiple teams working together by providing proper guidance and cooperation between release trains, suppliers, and stakeholders to deliver a continuous flow of value.

Portfolio SAFe

Portfolio SAFe introduces two more competencies as Organizational Agility and Lean Portfolio Management to enable the Business Agility of organizations with big systems. This configuration also provides principles and practices for portfolio strategy and investment funding. With the help of Lean Portfolio Management competency, the value stream and a large number of agile teams are guided to achieve maximum results with the appropriate level of investments. The LPM competency helps create innovative solutions faster. It breaks all the traditional approaches to support the highest decision-making and portfolio management in large enterprises. The modern LPM approach is accountable for addressing the challenges while aligning the business goal with execution.

This configuration also involves the same eight accelerators mentioned above.

Full SAFe

Full SAFe is the latest and most engaging configuration used by large enterprises. This fourth configuration consists of all the seven core competencies to handle portfolios of large and complex solutions.


In conclusion, these are the four important configurations of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) that is suitable for all size of organization. So, organizations can choose the right configuration to support their level of complexities and challenges and diverse needs to scale agile practices. Also, implementing SAFe can help companies to improve their productivity rate, encourage fast delivery of value and promote customer satisfaction.


  1. What is the purpose of SAFe configurations? With a range of SAFe configurations, organizations wanting to scale agile practices or make a transition can benefit. It provides a flexible structure of workflow that can be adapted and tailored according to the needs of the organization to enable its business agility. Each configuration has its purpose and methodology to support the needs of the company. It follows a pattern of work that encourages ARTs to flow on the right track.

  2. How Essential SAFe is different from other configurations? Essential SAFe serves as the basic pattern for SAFe implementation. This suits best for organizations that are in their early stage with a lesser amount of team members. This includes two configurations and focuses more on the initial element necessary for the growth of an organization. The other configurations are more advanced with increased levels of competencies, values, and principles that are suitable for companies that are looking for vast exploration.

3. What does the Large Solution SAFe offer?

Large Solution SAFe with a more advanced stage of flow accelerators than Essential SAFe is applicable for organizations that are dealing with complex projects involving multiple ARTs and cross-functional teams.

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