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Ways to Get Promoted Faster

“People don’t get promoted for doing their job well, but they get promoted by demonstrating their potential to do more.”

We have seen many times that the person hired recently is even considered for promotion and some who are in the organization for quite some time and gave years of hard work are still waiting for it. We all are aware of fact that our career will flourish more with greater responsibility in a shorter period. The promotion provides you with a sense of accomplishment, earning a higher salary, and a more important role in an organization. Doing a good work job will make sure you stay where you are but for better opportunities and raise you will need to do something different. This something different is making your superiors think that you are a low-risk hire.

A low-risk hire is the one demonstrating the skills and requirements of the next job even before getting considered for promotion. As being at the lower end of the ladder it becomes necessary to show that you are capable of taking further responsibilities and demonstrate the capability of the decider being in the role of the doer. As no one trusts you at the beginning from you to take the decisions it becomes hard to often make decisions where most of the people get stuck in showing their capabilities. With today’s tips, we will unwind this situation where many get stuck.

Provide Recommendation

When you are in a passion where you will not get offered the chance to make decisions it’s wise to practice it yourself. You can practice decision-making by recommending well-thought opinions to everyone. You can start it with ‘I will recommend’. Try to use this starting line in every meeting for better practice. As much as recommending somethings is necessary it is also necessary to be clear with what you recommend. While recommending any content make sure that you have done thorough research on that and the impact this decision will cause on the company. You must be sure that you know very well about the recommendation because the seniors will surely ask you for details on it for better understanding. Even though this will only provide you with just recognition the next point will help you get further.

Holistic Decision

Even though the above point makes you get recognized by the seniors but able to take the holistic decision is important for getting promoted. Decisions can affect companies in two ways

  • Cross-Functional Impact- The impact of your ideas or opinion will affect the other related departments. The idea or opinion is taken in design should be anticipated how it will impact the sales or market.

  • Time Delay Impact- The impact your idea or opinion will have after some months or a year. Will it create an issue further for you and other departments or will it be a success and time-saving with better opportunities.

Being able to think ahead or be prepared for these answers in advance before suggesting will surely impress all your seniors as your opinion will make their work easy. Make sure to write down the main points that how your decision will affect the sales, marketing effort, customer, and the upcoming fiscal year before recommending it. Even if they may not be so effective but you considering it will also put a good impression of yours on your seniors and executives.

When the above-mentioned steps are taken regularly you will observe that the seniors are willing to support you for your promotion and will recommend you for it. By showing your short and long-term foresight you will build trust in others for you. This trust will help you further to achieve their support in your decisions as they will be more confident in you that there are fewer chances of cleaning your mess. This trust and confidence of others mainly of your seniors and executives will make you a low-risk hire. Once you achieve it then you will always be recommended for the promotion and that is also based on your capabilities. Even though this may seem a bit more to work but you must be sure that “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.” So work on it and make it happen instead of waiting to be lucky.

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