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Tips on Communication for Scrum Masters

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

“The Art of communication is a language of leadership.”

Scrum masters

Scrum masters being a leader in agile must be well aware of this language. Many think that making teamwork on their task is the only requirement of a scrum master as a communicator. That’s all the required skills they need to communicate. Effective communication is the key to the success of the scrum team along with other factors we have studied before. As known scrum is a highly intense team sport. The scrum team needs to deal with various people and as the leader of the team scrum master is the priority to carry this responsibility to convince or discuss requirements and details on behalf of the team and also maintain the communication and other qualities of a high-performing team.

In today’s article we will learn tips to communicate as a scrum master with everyone may it be with their team, other teams, stakeholders, or executives.

Aware about, What to say?
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The most common confusion while communicating most of the time is to figure out, what to say. We try to speak in a way in which others will start to believe in us, and consider us more interesting, knowledgeable, confident, and likable. To achieve this we try to be more funny or interesting in our communication. But being a scrum master and wanting to be a successful one we need to first understand that instead of showing how knowledgeable we are important is that they trust us. To achieve this scrum masters must let them speak and present their ideas. We as scrum masters must ask questions and motivate them about themselves. While listening to others we must ensure that we are fully listening and not playing with our phones or looking at others what they are doing.

Maintaining Body Language

Your body gives away the hint of what you feel from the inside. Even if you are trying to communicate with confidence but the bent shoulder, creating a hunch, and closed composure give away the facade. So scrum masters must always be extra sure to maintain their body language. To appear confident, they must strengthen their shoulders, chip up, and back straight person’s composure. The best way to be welcomed and make others feel we like them is to smile. Even smiling helps to build our confidence and credibility by making us feel joyful.

Appreciate More Often

Everyone likes appreciation. But when we try to give feedback straightforwardly many times even the positive ones are taken as criticism. Scrum masters most often are caught up in such situations where they are bound to provide feedback to others. So the best way is to first appreciate the person for their good deed, this will create a better feeling in them and then further explain to them their feedback as they will be more open than previous to take your feedback positively. Even if you are not bound to give any feedback, but still appreciate others there is no harm in it, as well it will create a better bonding between you two.

Remembering Names

Names are part of people's personalities. If someone says their name often makes them feel better and acknowledged. As a scrum master, you must try to remember names and use them often during your conversations. But the advice is to avoid overdoing it. Twice or once in a conversation will be beneficial enough.

Be Positive
Scrum masters

It’s a human tendency to get attracted to positive people. More the optimistic person is more likely he is confident and charismatic. These are the qualities required by a scrum master also. So Scrum masters must always practice being positive and passionate about themself. But being positive or practicing it doesn’t mean faking it. There is a time when we feel down but that's okay to feel. When you don’t feel it that way sometimes, be yourself don’t try to seem positive from outwards. But the person who most times finds a way to tend towards negativity should practice genuinely being an optimist.

Show Vulnerability

“A leader, first and foremost, is a human. Only when we have the strength to show our vulnerability can we truly lead.”

If you consider vulnerability as a weakness you are wrong. Whenever you put your guard down and let others see your challenges you are courageous enough to lead the team. This helps you to connect with others and make them feel at ease and know no one is perfect.

By practicing these easy steps you can be a better communicator and a successful scrum master.

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