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The Ultimate Guide to Implementing SAFe for Agile Teams and Organizations

Updated: Apr 1

What is SAFe?

In this software age where every industry depends on technology, SAFe is considered to be the world’s leading framework for business agility It comes with seven core competencies as Lean Portfolio Management, Organizational Agility, Continuous Learning culture, Enterprise Solution delivery, Agile Product Delivery, Team and Technical Agility, and Lean-Agile Leadership. Implementing SAFe has changed the way large enterprises work to develop software to deliver value. Many companies have already acknowledged that with a proper system of implementing SAFe principles, businesses can achieve more engagement, faster time to market, increased productivity, and defect reduction.

We know how SAFe provides a secure and reliable delivery through Agile Release Train (ART) for plenty of teams in an organization. Now let’s understand how to implement SAFe for agile teams and organizations. And why it is important to enroll in a SAFe training course to learn more about SAFe principles and tools to implement while working as an agile professional in a large enterprise to achieve the best possible results.

Implementing SAFe

1. SAFe is grounded on four important bodies of knowledge such as Agile, DevOps, Lean product development, and systems thinking to achieve better outcomes.

2. By leveraging the benefits of the SAFe framework, businesses can meet customer needs faster with improved time to market.

3. SAFe enables enterprises to quickly adapt and respond to competitive threats.

4. Efficiently deliver incremental customer value.

5. Maintaining quality in an evolving product and business portfolio.

6. With SAFe you will be able to organize large teams and reorganize quickly to respond to changing customer needs.

7. SAFe integrates a Lean-Agile mindset that focuses on minimizing waste and maximizing customer value.

8. SAFe addresses important questions like, how to apply technology to business strategy, how to deliver new values on a given schedule, how to improve quality, how to scale agile practices across the enterprise, how to create an environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, and relentless improvements and how to motivate team members to take risks and embrace continuous learning.

9. While applying SAFe in an organization, the leaders are trained and in turn, they become trainers to work for better business outcomes.

The SAFe Implementation Roadmap for Agile Teams and Organization

The SAFe implementation roadmap is the ultimate proven method for achieving successful change to become a Lean-Agile technology enterprise with the help of Implementing SAFe Training courses. The steps go like this,

1. Train Lean-Agile change agents.

2. Train executives, managers, and leaders.

3. Identify value streams and ARTs

4. Develop an implementation plan

5. Prepare for ART Launch.

6. Train agile teams and Launch ART.

7. Coach ART execution

8. Launch more ARTs and Value Streams

9. Extend the portfolio and accelerate Release Train Engineers and Advanced Scrum Masters.

Agile teams can create and support business solutions that deliver value to end users. Therefore, an organization’s capability to thrive in this technology age depends on the abilities of its team to deliver values that effectively meet the needs of the customers.

Before implementing the SAFe methodology, the leaders must understand why they need it by measuring the current state of their business, different purposes, and audiences. In this way, the organizations would be able to achieve the seven core competencies that we have talked about at the beginning of this article. Successful adoption of SAFe improves delivering innovative technical business solutions faster.

Implementing SAFe Certification to Excel in SAFe Frameworks and Principles

Implementing SAFe Certification is the role-based curriculum for successfully implementing SAFe in an organization which includes continuous learning, SAFe tools, networking with SAFe professionals, access to the SAFe community, learning videos, training classes to implement in real situations, resources for professional development, assessments, and practice for roles to play in companies.

This will also help you understand how to develop a vision, and roadmaps that communicate deliverables, set milestones to track the process, and how to work in a system team that assists in building the continuous delivery pipeline.

These courses prescribe how agile professionals, executives, and leaders of a company should always focus on a continuous learning culture. It is never the case that we have all the answers.


As we can see, the very existence of many enterprises is threatened by the digital transformation that has evolved, the methods and structure that were followed in the past to achieve success do not work anymore. To survive in this software era, organizations need to be more adaptive and oriented with proper systems by Implementing SAFe methodology to develop a Lean enterprise that is ready to serve customers better.


1. Top reasons for Implementing SAFe in an organization.

Implementing SAFe can help organizations with aligning team members towards a common goal, SAFe offers PI planning to overcome challenges in facilitating team planning, trains leaders to understanding the business vision, and lead the adoption and operation of Lean Portfolio Management.

2. What is an Implementing SAFe Training course?

Implementing SAFe training courses effectively provides guides how companies can achieve business agility by applying the necessary tools and techniques.

3. Benefits of Implementing SAFe certification courses.

Implementing SAFe certification courses helps you to advance your agile career. As a certified agile professional, you get to earn 25% more than a non-certified professional. And also, these courses help you to acquire the necessary knowledge about SAFe frameworks and variety of tools required to apply in different stages of the software development process.

About Advance Agility

We, at Advance Agility, are the new-age Agile Coaching, Consulting and IT services company. We enable end-to-end Digital Transformation. Agile execution is integral to our being. We are doing SAFe implementation with small, medium and large organization across the globe. Our vision is to be the leading Agile execution player globally. To keep adding value at every process stage. We are on a mission to empower our clients, move from concept to cash in the shortest sustainable lead time by adopting human centric approach to business agility. Embracing the change is in our DNA. Things that keep us apart are Quicker and Seamless execution with End-to-end gamut of services. Our Global presence and Stellar Track Record give us an edge over our competitor.

Connect with us at to learn about SAFe and SAFe Implementation. We provide various SAFe certification courses along with DevOps, Scrum, Agile Coaching and more trainings. Write to us at for any agile training or consulting needs. We are always looking for competent agile trainers as well. So if you are a good trainer or want to become one, do get in touch with us to that we can learn, grow and achieve together.



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