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The Benefits of SAFe DevOps: Scaling Agile and Accelerating Delivery

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

"The speed, flexibility, and effectiveness of the software development industry have all considerably increased with the adoption of the agile methodology." - Ronald van Loon

Scaling agile

The software development industry has seen a considerable improvement in speed, flexibility, and efficiency as a result of the adoption of the agile methodology. Nevertheless, when firms grow, managing numerous teams and projects adds complexity and reduces agility. This problem is addressed by SAFe DevOps, a blend of SAFe and DevOps methods, which enables enterprises to scale their agile practices and speed up delivery. The agile methodology is supported by this framework, which makes it possible for enterprises to keep their agility as they expand. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of SAFe DevOps, why SAFe DevOps training and certification are essential for professionals, and how it can help organizations scale agile and accelerate delivery.

The Integration of SAFe and DevOps to Create SAFe DevOps: The need to streamline software development and delivery processes led to the emergence of SAFe DevOps. Agile methodologies became more popular, and organizations realized that they needed a way to scale Agile practices to support larger teams and more complex projects. To address this need, Scaled Agile Inc. developed the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) - a set of principles and practices that help organizations scale Agile methodologies across the enterprise. DevOps practices, on the other hand, focus on collaboration between development and operations teams to accelerate software delivery and improve its quality. DevOps emerged as a response to the challenges of traditional software development practices, which often led to slow delivery times and poor-quality software. SAFe DevOps combines the principles and practices of both SAFe and DevOps to provide a comprehensive approach to software development and delivery. By integrating Agile principles with DevOps practices, SAFe DevOps enables organizations to streamline their software development processes, accelerate delivery, and improve the quality of their software.

"DevOps practices emerged as a response to the challenges of traditional software development, where slow delivery times and poor-quality software were common. SAFe DevOps combines the principles of both SAFe and DevOps to provide a comprehensive approach to software development and delivery." Benefits of SAFe DevOps

Streamlined Communication and Collaboration:

Cross-functional cooperation is emphasized by SAFe DevOps to make sure that everyone involved in the software delivery process works effectively together. This facilitates communication and feedback, dismantles silos, and makes sure that everyone is working towards the same objectives

Improved Quality and Speed

Continuous delivery, automation, and testing are made possible by SAFe DevOps, enabling teams to produce high-quality software more quickly and with fewer mistakes. Additionally, it locates bottlenecks and dependencies and eliminates them to ensure timely delivery.

Increased Business Value

SAFe DevOps lets businesses meet consumer expectations and provide value through the speedier delivery of high-quality products. Delivering products more quickly enables businesses to remain competitive.

Enhanced Team Morale

Teams can take control of the development process when SAFe DevOps is implemented because it fosters a culture of continuous improvement. This encourages greater job satisfaction, enhances team morale, and increases retention rates, leading to a workforce that is more productive and engaged. This in turn has a favorable effect on the company's capacity to meet client requests and maintain an edge over rivals while delivering high-quality software at a faster rate.

SAFe DevOps Training and Certification: Professionals wishing to learn the approach need SAFe DevOps training and certification. It aids students in comprehending the core concepts and methods of SAFe DevOps and how they may be used in their own enterprises. SAFe DevOps skills, DevOps culture, and continuous integration and delivery are just a few of the subjects covered in the course. The SAFe DevOps certification is highly regarded globally and confirms the expertise and skills of professionals in implementing SAFe DevOps. It offers professionals the opportunity to showcase their knowledge to potential employers and proves their commitment to continuous learning and professional development. By obtaining this certification, professionals can expand their career opportunities and demonstrate their proficiency in implementing DevOps practices within a SAFe framework.

Scaling Agile and Accelerating Delivery: With a focus on quality and customer happiness, SAFe DevOps is a complete methodology that enables enterprises to streamline their software development operations. Teams can achieve continuous delivery, automation, and testing in a SAFe environment by using DevOps methods, which leads to quicker delivery of high-quality software with fewer errors. Furthermore, SAFe DevOps' culture of continuous improvement encourages teams to take control of the development process, which raises morale, job satisfaction, and retention. SAFe DevOps is, in general, a potent tool for businesses looking to stay ahead of the market by producing goods that satisfy customers' expectations and add value to the enterprise.

Conclusion: There is more pressure than ever before to create high-quality products quickly in the fast-paced corporate world of today. In order to assist enterprises in achieving a quicker time-to-market, higher quality, and greater customer happiness, SAFe DevOps provides a potent solution that combines the best of agile and DevOps. To learn the core principles and methods of SAFe DevOps and how to implement them within their organizations, professionals who wish to grasp this approach can participate in SAFe DevOps training and certification programs. Professionals can increase their career options, demonstrate their skills and knowledge to future employers, and keep current with industry best practices by earning a SAFe DevOps certification. "SAFe DevOps fosters a culture of continuous improvement that empowers teams to take control of the development process, leading to increased morale, job satisfaction, and retention." - Scaled Agile Inc.

About the Author:

Amogh Joshi has 20+ years of total experience and is an SPCT Candidate and senior agile consultant executing enterprise agile and digital transformation programs. He has led three agile transformations for large organizations in the last two years. He has experience in formulating and executing a scaled agile transformation strategy using SAFe and other scaling frameworks like scrum@scale.​He is a practitioner of SAFe, PI Planning, Lean, Kanban, Scrum, and XP (Extreme Programming). Most of his experience is in coaching and mentoring executives, agile coaches, scrum masters, and agile teams. His understanding of scaling frameworks like SAFe, S@S, Nexus, LeSS, DA, and Spotify is second to none.

Over the years 2019-2022, he successfully trained more than 5000 individuals on SAFe, Scrum, and Kanban for several leading organizations. The feedback received was outstanding, with an average score that was particularly high, demonstrating his effectiveness as a trainer. His expertise in these methodologies, combined with his engaging training style, made him a sought-after trainer in the industry.

Throughout his career, he has demonstrated expertise in improving employee engagement and backlog health multiple times while coaching various organizations. He is also skilled in cloud deployment and has successfully deployed applications on AWS, transforming the organizations into a 100% cloud-based infrastructure. These accomplishments highlight his broad range of skills and ability to drive results in complex, technical environments.



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