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Steal Like an Artist- Be a Good Thief for Agile Creativity

Updated: Apr 2

We are always told to be original. Copying others is not appreciated in whatever field it is. This makes us be original and come up every time with new ideas, and concepts. This concept of being original always makes us look at creativity as a new thing. But when we go through the book, “Steal Like An Artist” by Austin Kleon we get a very new perspective that is refreshing and practical about creativity.

steal like an artist

Creating anything new and different is very tiring as almost all the things are already created. If anything is created, it is not as original as we think. The book explains a new concept about creativity that is, instead of concentrating on creating new, be more concentrated on what inspires you. The stealing-like-an-artist concept can easily be explained, stating instead of trying to create something out of nothing which is discouraging, try using influence and adding our touch to it.

When it comes to agile, they always prefer having new ideas and concepts but agile has never pressurized to have everything completely new. Agile knows that no idea comes at once from nowhere; the final idea is built from the collection of different ideas. When working as an agile developer, they have to be more continuous in creativity.

So we can say yes, agile supports stealing for being creative. But indeed it should be good stealing. Then the question arises what is good stealing and bad stealing?

A good stealing thief always creates a new concept from the existing ideas and focuses on qualities that make it specially yours. Whereas, the bad stealing thief plagiarizes from a single source but never acknowledges and understands anything they have stolen.


Below are some tips to be more creative for agile

No Art is 100% Original

Always mark one thing, no art is 100% original. What you create or do is a mash-up of what you read, watch and see along with your originality. To create anything you need to copy a key idea from any other source but the main thing is to be sure to add your contribution to it. Make sure to show your personality and traits that are making you special in the final idea you show.

Share Your Ideas with Others

Make sure to create something of your own. Even though you are creating with other's ideas as a base but have a touch and special qualities of your own. Yes accepted that it’s a hard process, but there is no success without hard work. You will fail and get up repeatedly again and again. This may even take months or years, but once achieved long waited results make sure to share them with others. People always reward efforts, by sharing your ideas and their consistency, your visibility towards ideas will increase. This visibility may lead to the lucky break you needed.

Travel to Experience More Creativity

Traveling provides you with practical experiences and you will know the other side of the world beyond your table. This will also help you gain new experiences and open up your mind which will help take your work to next level.

Get Inspiration from Hobbies

The book steal like an artist refers to using your hobbies to get inspiration for your creativity. It’s always refreshing to do things you love and get a break from work. Hobbies help recharge your passion. With hobbies, you will be more close to your inner world and hence inspire your creativity.

Don’t Wait to Know Who you are to Get Started

Many times we wait to understand ourselves completely and miss many opportunities. Instead of waiting to know yourselves, start with whatever you have within because you will understand your inner world more when you do something. Many have said that they got their ideas in the process while working and even didn’t know their origin.

Use Your Hands as Much as You Can

In this digital and agile world, it is hard to stay away from digital devices. Austin Kleon in steal like an artist gives important advice about staying away from a digital screen as much as possible. At least one must try to do simple tasks with hands as it gives physical work and a space for the mind to have a thought. It helps tune the mind and body along with each other and increases our thinking at a higher rate.

With the above tips and guidance provided by steal like an artist, anyone can improve and see creativity differently. This way of creativity will always increase creativity and hence will make you more agile.

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