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Sprint Zero, Everything you should know

Updated: Apr 14

“Preparation plus timing equal to success. If you are prepared when your timing comes, you will be successful.”

The lack of understanding of the right concept of sprint zero has led many projects to dangerous consequences. Many consider sprint zero as a phase where a team is put together, setting an infrastructure, or a period to add a product to the backlog and timing to consider planning. This concept about sprint zero generally creates an understanding that the sprint is possible to run that doesn’t produce incremental products. But the sprint goal is always to produce a done increment product.

sprint planning

We all know the widely spread benefits of agile. In short, they can be explained as improved product quality, highly satisfied customers, and better grip on product development, decreased risks, and better returns on investments. When it comes to agile sprints are the most important part of the agile system. It divides the development processes into small and easily completed specific parts. It’s easy to understand sprint and work on it but when it comes to zero sprint many managers and executives get confused with the concept's real idea.

The sprint zero is many times considered as the project before the project. In actuality, zero sprints are the pre sprint operations. To carry out zero sprints there are not any guidelines or content provided to follow for zero sprints in agile. That is the reason it is the most misunderstood concept in agile. Sprint zero includes completion of all the necessary and basic tasks required to start a project as creating a list of prioritizing stories and estimating features, articulating a release plan, aligning features and sprints, curating application architecture, and explaining steps to team members for team’s implementation of change etcetera.

Why Integrate Zero Sprint in Agile Businesses?

There are various opinions on integrating sprint zero in agile. But in fact, we cannot deny the benefits it provides to the business. It aims to deliver value in a prompt iterations cycle hence simplifying complex processes.

Every business and project has a starting point that requires some basic setup. In an agile sprint, zero provides this basic setup. These setups include the formation of expectations, and objectives, also resource planning, and much more.

Sprint zero utilizes specialist, even though they require resource and time the outcome sprint zero provides outweigh the cost and time it used.

The advantages sprint zero provides an agile are:

  • It releases the design burden by providing time to designers for brainstorming and creative works.

  • It helps in an agile scrum to slice and prioritize the project way, preparing the workflow.

  • It provides the best time for hiring new joinee where an organization can evaluate their thinking capability and intuitiveness.

  • It helps managers to decide sprint durations, and other related details for the basic formation of sprint and provides time to answer various queries in it.

When to use Sprint Zero in Agile?

The best scenarios in agile where sprint zero can be fitted are

  • The possibilities like, the development team needs to provide additional testing to select the appropriate ones, etcetera.

  • The scenarios in which team members are confused about the result of the solution they are providing.

  • When a team is confused and lost in how to address the problem

  • When team members need to complete the preliminary work before estimating user stories.

Steps to use Sprint Zero in Agile/Scrum

Finalization of Items

This step starts so early even before team formation so in this first step it is necessary to finalize some basic items like

  • Programming language

  • Needed skills

  • Database

  • Resource

  • Project objectives

  • Framework

  • Design Outlet etcetera.

Toning Upcoming Tasks

In sprint zero some important points need to be handled as

  • Duration of sprint

  • Must finalize the definition of finish

  • When the project is considered valued

  • Finalize the working agreement

  • Address first steps required adjustments

In the first step its natural to make mistakes so they are rectified in the second step and the task are toned for tasks, keeping every team member on the same page

Verify the Requirements

In this third step, the managers and executives must understand the capability of the available resource and fulfill the further requirements of the team and team members they must be sure of questions such as

  • Do team members need any scrum or agile training?

  • Is there a requirement for technical training in a team?

Address the Final Factors

In this task team members must finalize and address the factors remaining like

  • Assessment of standings

  • Creating preliminary product backlog draft

  • Finalize metrics used to access program and success

Sprint Zero can be considered as the basic preparation of scrum and agile projects. As it extracts the esteemed result as per business needs and objectives it is an essential process in agile/scrum. In agile, sprint zero refers to quotes as “Nail the basic first, detail the details later.”

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