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Scaled Agile Framework(SAFe) Core Values

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a set of practices, principles, methods, concepts, and ideas built to increase the productivity of Agile methodology. In SAFe there are a set of core values that focus on creating a system of people and processes that are flexible and can scale the entire software development process.

SAFe Values

In the wake of the software development industry’s constant changing equilibrium, there is a pressing need to set in motion practices that are faster, cheap, and can assimilate the changing scenario. Agile is based on the principles that make software development more flexible, systematic, and forever evolving. It allows the program to be unit-oriented and thus, more accessible.

There are a set of SAFe core values that enable a systematic functioning of Agile methodology at the enterprise level. These are four design ideas that ensure a well-managed execution and implementation of programs. The basis of these four core values is the effective alignment of workflow, built-in quality of the product, transparency in development, and execution of the final program. The SAFe agile value system enables the scaling of lean and agile technologies. It prioritizes decentralization of decision-making and ensures inter-domain outlining of the responsibilities.

Given below is an in-depth look at Scaled Agile Framework core values (SAFe), just to understand the framework better:

1. Alignment: Alignment refers to an arrangement wherein two or more things are positioned in a straight line or parallel to each other. In Scaled Agile Core Values, Alignment deals with the managerial and hierarchical system of the institution. This implies that the Development team, as well as the Managers heading the institution, should both be in sync. The onus is on delivering fast-paced integrated developments and this planning takes place at the Portfolio level. It then moves on to the roadmap to create enhanced learning and coding experience. The emphasis is on creating a software development model that is quick and responsive to change. It replaces lengthy, exhaustive, and time-consuming processes that require an extended workforce and resources.


2. Built-in quality: The fundamental principles that the Agile software development model works on, and SAFe core values ensure that the Built-in Quality framework is followed throughout the process of development. In this approach, the cost of fixing the error or improving the quality even later on is reduced. The flow of work becomes seamless. In lean-agile development, quality is a major focus. SAFe core values ensure that at every modification, the quality of the whole design or technical efficiency does not falter. It makes sure that a product that does not require breaking down while completion or there is a compromise on quality while integration. This takes away the burden that maintaining quality is the job of a single individual or a team, making it a part of every individual and team’s responsibility. The focus shifts on all aspects of development.

Agile software development

3. Transparency: Transparency is a simple sounding term yet its impact on Scaled Agile core values is huge and significant. It ensures the delivery of a product within an organization is trusted and valued in the market. Transparency focuses on the clarity of the entire process base, thus making it pertinent in a realm that operates on the credibility of information.

Transparency ensures team cohesion and makes sure everyone is aware of all the aspects, thereby preparing them for any eventuality. Transparency transcends across the enterprise level and at the same time operates in the favor of stakeholders by maintaining a check on program increment, product release, and on program backlogs. Agile has been evolved in to a reliable model all thanks to core values like transparency.


4. Program Execution: While SAFe gives importance to the process of development, the program execution holds no less relevance. The focus of SAFe Agile values is to prioritize the delivery of a properly functioning product that meets all the expectations without requiring attention at the execution level. This is done by ensuring the quality of solution and program increment that constitute the whole. The concept of placing value in program execution is a basic building block of Agile core values. And to achieve it other core values have to be followed. Visualizing the workflow and the division of work at the portfolio level is the key.

Agile core values

By understanding the basics of Scaled Agile core values, it becomes easier to scale lean-agile practices. Creating a system of management that delivers fast, efficient, and customer demand-oriented products becomes a regularity. All the four core values mentioned above need to work in synchronization to fully utilize the capacity of the Agile methodology. It is a constantly evolving framework, with the latest version 5.1 being released in February 2021. It implies that there is constant scope for development and improvement.

Advance Agility’ takes pride in constantly updating itself with the latest that SAFe has to offer. Imbibing and imparting the best in class SAFe experience is at the center of our goals. Delivering quality be it consulting or be it training is our core mission.

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