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Release Train Engineer of SAFe

Delivering a quality product with the cooperation of others is not an easy task. But when a team has a leader with a future vision and proper understanding of their role this task becomes easy. Having a development approach and proper framework makes the team reach quicker to their goals with outstanding outputs. The modern framework used is agile, and now is the advance of agile, i.e. SAFe. The approach depends on the leaders of the team and organization. SAFe has understood this and worked to make the approach more adaptable and advanced considering the rising competition in today’s businesses.

The roles and responsibilities of SAFe members are based on software as well as hardware knowledge and skill. One of these roles includes RTE (Release train engineer). We will learn about the RTE responsibilities of SAFe in this article.

RTE is an engineer who smoothens program-level support to ART. Their main responsibility includes assisting ART events, processes and guiding the team in delivering value. They manage risk, ensure delivery value and escalate obstruction.

Responsibilities of RTE

1) Assist the PI planning event

2) Summarize the team events objectives and publish them for team visibility and transparency.

3) With help of various tools manages the ART and solution train for optimizing the flow of value.

4) Create and circulate an annual calendar for iterations and PIs.

5) Ease the PI planning by nurturing a continuous study process that drives the creation of vision, roadmap, and backlog.

6) Summarize the program event objectives and publish them for better visibility and transparency of the events.

7) Track the implementation of features and capabilities.

8) Simplify episodic management events, including the ART synchronization at the vital level and the solution train synchronization.

9) Guide economic decision-making by considering the features and capabilities estimation of a team.

10) Coach leaders, scrum masters, and agile teams in agile practices and mindsets.

11) Manage and assist with risk and dependencies.

12) Provide input and address the critical bottleneck.

13) Escalate and track weaknesses.

14) Motivate collaboration within teams, solution and system engineers

15) Ensure strategic and execution alignment by working with product owners, solution management, stakeholders, etc.

16) Improvise flow of value by assisting and updating practice associated with it. Also, ensure the continuous delivery pipeline.

17) Drive user-experience innovative cycle.

18) Run within a slim budget and ensure obedience to guardrails.

19) Work along with the agile program management office for program performance and operational fineness.

20) Assist system and solution demos

21) Stand-in Community of Practice and quality practice.

22) Help ART and solution train and help them improve.

Along with organizational skills, RTE also needs to learn the lean-agile mindsets. The main focus of the RTE basic is to support the team, ART, Scrum master, and solution train to be self-organized and self-managing. The following will help RTE to achieve and adopt the right mindset.

1) Understand and support the team in problem identification and decision-making.

2) Create an environment of mutual influence within the team.

3) Recognize and be responsive to others.

4) Try to be open and accept the openness of others.

5) Encourage and accept the team's commitments.

6) Try to be visionary and think beyond day to day activities

7) Encourage every member for their personal development and development of a team.

8) Instead of using authority try to coach with questions and curiosity.

RTE with the skills of a lifelong learner, thinker, communicator, transparent and honest will be an advantage to adapt the agile-SAFe mindset and play their roles effectively.

RTE takes agile to a new height by helping in scaling it to complete organizations. To make sure the scaling is working correctly someone needs to take responsibility. Every role in the ART role helps to smoothen the scaling process. RTE ensures the improvement of products as well as the individuals by fulfilling their responsibilities.

About Advance Agility

We, at Advance Agility, are the new-age Agile Coaching, Consulting and IT services company. We enable end-to-end Digital Transformation. Agile execution is integral to our being. We are doing SAFe implementation with small, medium and large organization across the globe. Our vision is to be the leading Agile execution player globally. To keep adding value at every process stage. We are on a mission to empower our clients, move from concept to cash in the shortest sustainable lead time by adopting human centric approach to business agility. Embracing the change is in our DNA. Things that keep us apart are Quicker and Seamless execution with End-to-end gamut of services. Our Global presence and Stellar Track Record give us an edge over our competitor.

Connect with us at to learn about SAFe and SAFe Implementation. Write to us at for any agile training or consulting needs. We are always looking for competent agile trainers as well. So if you are a good trainer or want to become one, do get in touch with us to that we can learn, grow and achieve together.



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