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Most Commonly Asked Scrum Master Interview Questions

Updated: 4 days ago

“You push through the pain, because result matters.”

You must have completed your certification of scrum master or have previous experience as a team member. Now you want to grow upward by acquiring a scrum master role for yourself. Even you have grabbed the chance for an interview. This interview is your exam in the correct sense, as it will show your efforts and overall learning you have gained in the field. These interviews will ensure your chances of being a scrum master. To prepare for it today we are here to provide some questions asked in an interview for the position of scrum master. By preparing these questions you can be more confident with your interview and reach the role of scrum master.

1. Are Scrum and agile the same? If not then, what is the difference between the two?

2. What type of work does scrum do? Is scrum feasible for all types of work?

3. What are the different roles in scrum?

4. What do you mean by sprint in scrum?

5. What are the five values of scrum?

6. How many and what are the pillars of the Scrum framework?

7. Who is responsible for writing user stories in Scrum?

8. What does a user story mean in a scrum and what are its advantages?

9. Can you explain the user story structure with an example?

10. What is the role of the scrum master?

11. How can you assure the user story meets its requirement?

12. What are Artefacts?

13. Why user stories are not calculated in man-hours?

14. What are the five steps of risk management explain them?

15. When sprint can be canceled and who has the authority to do so?

16. How user story, epic, and task are different in the context of scrum?

17. Who can be participants in the retrospective?

18. What is it mean by sprint zero and spike?

19. What are product backlog and sprint backlog in scrum?

20. What is it mean by definition of done?

21. What is the role of the scrum master in daily scrum?

22. What is a confidence vote in the scrum and why is it important to explain?

23. How will you help team members in picking good user stories?

24. What is product backlog refinement?

25. What is the velocity in scrum?

26. What is a burn-down chart?

27. Is facilitation similar to coordination?

28. Can Kanban Board be used in scrum?

29. What is refactoring?

30. Have you heard about planning poker?

31. What information does a Scrum Master require from the Product Owner for them to provide the market situation and product update to the team?

32. As a facilitator how should you prepare for a workshop?

33. What does a self-organizing team mean in Scrum?

34. What is Empiricism?

35 . What are scrum values and why are they required?

There are questions specifically asked to the experienced candidates. The questions are as below

1. What are MMF and MVP?

2. What is Scrum of Scrum?

3. What do the three C’s represent in user stories?

4. How can Scrum Master prevent extreme weariness induced because of retrospective?1.

5. What is Scope Creep and how can it be managed?

6. Can the scrum team participate in a Product discovery process, if yes how?

7. When does Scrum Master not need to act as a facilitator?

8. What does emergency in scrum mean?

The answers to the above question you can get from our blogs in detail with a simple explanation.

Our blogs will also help you understand the concept, roles, and responsibilities with a deep and easy understanding of agile, scrum, and SAFe. Visit our blogs to understand better, because those who understand better adapt faster.



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