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Integrating BitBucket with DevOps

Updated: Apr 14

“No one can whistle a symphony; it takes a whole orchestra to play it.”

The same applies to business. Though any single system or concept can provide benefit in the agile organization but collaborating various systems/concept involves more profit and easy work for companies making them overcome the drawbacks of single ones. One of the best-applied examples of collaborating in today’s time is the integration of Bitbucket and DevOps. We all are well familiar with DevOps but know very little of Bitbucket.


Bitbucket is a management solution designed for agile professional teams. It offers organizations a central place to operate the Git respiratory by collaborating on source codes and directing the development flow. It eases collaboration and reduces issues that occur during integration. It provides a solution to easily combine and frequently test the code. It gives them tools to start quickly and access advanced features for a better up-gradation at hand whenever required. The bitbucket comes with various benefits some of which are mentioned below

  • It provides control over access so that you can provide strict access to the source code.

  • Provide integration for full development traceability

  • It provides workflow or team flow control for enforcing the project.

  • Pulls requests along with inline commenting to achieve collaboration on code review.

  • It provides a variety of operating systems execution on the platform.

  • It creates a possibility to build an adaptable and flexible deployment in the team model.

  • Private and public repository access is achieved by simple means without any complexity.

  • It accesses users to register and create their account on an official web browser

Deployment of Bitbucket is achieved with three options which are

  1. Bitbucket cloud- It is a cloud-based service that allows a developer to store and manage their codes along with tracking and controlling changes to the code.

  2. Bitbucket data center- It is a self-managed solution that provides source code collaboration for professional teams that are located at any distance or any size.

  3. Bitbucket server- It is a repository management solution designed to help professional teams.

When to use Bitbucket

When multiple individuals are working on the same code at the same time it is better to use bitbucket along with DevOps. As it provides

  • Option to go back through different versions

  • Access to files for working along on the same file at the same time and then merging them.

  • Offline working for a time being.

As we know what bitbucket is now we will have a brief look into what DevOps is for a better understanding of these two’s integration.

DevOps is a combination of tools and processes that improves the organization’s ability in delivering the services and applications more speedily than compared to traditional methods and processes of software development. This accelerated process and tools ensure a better market and more satisfied customers. In DevOps complete development and operations teamwork are combined throughout the software application lifecycle, from development, testing to deployment.

Integration of Bitbucket and DevOps

The steps involved in integrating DevOps and bitbucket are

1) Navigate connect and credential and open tools record

2) Create a record and enter a name for connecting

3) Create admin credentials and then enter their name

4) Enter ID and password for admin credential access, required in your tool of DevOps environment

5) Once the connection is formed enter HTTP for the Connection URL

Configure DevOps’ tools connection and credential alliance for tool access in a nearby environment. The DevOps are automatically connected to the tools once the planning, coding, and orchestration tools of DevOps are set up.

To connect more than 10 tools additional aliases must be added or can also delete the unused connections and reuse them. These aliases can be created in the sn_devops application scope.

The integration of DevOps and Bitbucket is simple in action and beneficial. The tool connection can be reused, deleted, and created as per one's requirement. The integration of DevOps and Bitbucket provides the easy changes, development, and merging of the files all at the same time which is beneficial in this agile time of business.

“Agile and DevOps are for harnessing, integration, interaction, and innovation.”

So be agile not only with the processes you use but with your mindset and utilize the complete agile processes and tools to achieve the best in your business by innovating, integrating, and actively applying it in your work.

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