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How to Use Agile Methodology in Project Management?

The Agile Methodology is an iterative approach that involves breaking tasks into small projects. These small phases are known as sprints. The process involves improving and adjusting the strategy after every sprint release. This method has proven to have a powerful influence on all organizations to make things work better in the project management process.

This methodology may sound easy theoretically, but how difficult it is to implement in your organization can be understood with a thorough study of this article. Let’s discuss the agile methodology and ways to apply it to better your organization’s project management process. So, let’s dive in.

An Overview of Agile Methodology

The Agile Methodology was invented in response to traditional software development processes that were insufficient to meet the demands of the technology-driven generation. It is developed based on the Agile Manifesto laid some important four core values and 12 principles to follow for the Agile Project Management process.

Four important values of Agile Project Management

Individual and interactions over processes and tools: This core value emphasizes giving more importance to teams and team collaboration.

Working software over comprehensive document: More than documentation of every step the development involves, developing a working software is important.

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation: Within the agile methodology, prioritization is given to stakeholders. They are the ones who can guide the agile teams about the software to build.

Responding to change over following a plan: The best part about agile project management is its methodology to be flexible. Here the agile teams get easy access to address changes without derailing the entire process.

From these four values evolved the 12 principles which is also considered to be the heart of the agile methodology.

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Ways to Implement Agile Methodology in the Project Management Process

To start with implementing agile methodology, it is important to understand that theoretically it sounds easy but in actual practice, it is not. Consistently applying agile principles and agile manifesto can draw maximum results. It also provides tools and techniques to explore the specific needs of the project management process.

It is all about being flexible listing tasks, attending to product requirements, addressing changes, and implementing methods that support the process. Below described are some significant steps to start implementing agile in the project management process.

Having a Clear Vision: Of all the stages in the project management process, it is the vision that sets the foundation for the entire project to begin. It serves as an outline that defines the goal and guides the project to the next level. The vision can focus on covering details relating to the clients, their requirements, the key benefits of the product, their competitors, and the unique purpose of the product.

Changing the Team Member’s Mindset: Agile Team members completely being skeptical about the project goal and reluctant to change is the most common challenge while adopting the change. So, it makes sense that the leaders set examples for the team members. They must show honesty and open-mindedness by discussing the team’s concerns.

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What are the Six Steps to Agile Project Management?

Agile Project Management involves six important management stages. They are:-

· Product vision that defines the project’s aim and process to achieve the product.

· Product roadmap that outlines the methods and priorities.

· Product backlog that contains a list of tasks according to the highest priority.

· A release plan that generally focuses on short-term release goals.

· Sprint backlog that includes a set of micro-tasks.

· Increment is an important step to improve the functionality of the product.

Scenarios Where Agile Methodology is Not Applicable

Applying agile methodology can be beneficial for organizations in many ways. However, in some situations it can be unsuitable. Some circumstances where you must avoid using an agile approach are:

· If the client needs approval at every stage of development.

· If it is a short-term project.

· If the team is not cooperative.


In conclusion, the formats and practices of Agile Methodology can help in creating the better change your organization needs to grow. By following the agile manifesto and principles, organizations can come over misconceptions regarding agile practices. By picking the right agile practices organization can generate quality products.


1. What is an Agile Manifesto?

The Agile Manifesto is a small document that includes four main values and 12 principles for product development. It sets out some key values and practices to help agile teams to build working software.

2. What are the advantages of Agile Project Management?

Many benefits that come with implementing Agile methodology. Some of the important advantages are better quality, customer satisfaction, transparency among teams, better control over tasks, predictability, better ROI, and many more.

3. How does Agile Model differ from the waterfall model?

With the growth of technology, the demand for better software increased. And traditional waterfall methodology proved to be insufficient to support the needs of a digitally driven generation. Unlike the waterfall method which followed a sequential model, the agile methodology helps address changes by implementing an iterative approach.

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