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How To Use A Project Management Office To Successfully Deliver Projects In 2023?

Updated: Apr 9

In any industry there are a number of projects that are operated simultaneously. It is very hectic and tedious job to organize everything without errors. To deliver projects successfully a Project Management Office was brought into action. There are different practices/approach like Lean, Advance Agility, Waterfall, etc. that can be implied for a project; to decide which one will suit the best is one of the task done by PMO. Read further to know more about PMO.

Project Management Office
Project Management Office

What is PMO?

A PMO or Project Management Office is a group in an industry/organization to maintain and define standards for delivery of projects. A PMO is responsible to manage multiple projects going on in an organization at the same time by choosing the best practices and methodologies like Lean, Agile Methodology, etc. There are various roles, functions and requirements of a PMO. The functions of a PMO are-

  • It is their responsibility to plan the project by documentation of steps or setting milestones in the project.

  • Not only planning but improving the process in future as and when required is to be by PMO.

  • Completing a project requires funds, software, raw materials, labor and machineries, so a PMO does the allocation for completion of projects smoothly.

  • Keeping track of the progress and budget of the project is another function of a PMO.

  • Yet another important function of a PMO is to resolve any issues between the team and the Product Owner or potential threats. Also to make efficient decisions for delivery of the project.

  • PMO also help the project managers to choose the best practices and training.

PMO Roles

Project Management Office is a special team that helps the project managers to coordinate and support the project. This requires expertise in different aspects and so, a variety of roles has to be designated to work efficiently. The roles in a PMO are-

  • Resource Managers- The Resource managers make sure that suitable resources as per project requirements; to forecast and assist acquisition plans and also manage the resources.

  • There are Knowledge management staffs that maintain records of lessons, methods and standards of a project.

  • For report generation and software support there is an Administrative support staff.

  • Process-focused staff is there to develop methodologies, assure good quality and training.

Types of jobs in PMO

As you know the different roles and responsibilities involved in a PMO; there is availability of different jobs as well-

  • · PMO Manager

  • · PMO Analyst

  • · PMO Process Specialist

  • · PMO Coordinator

Why should you work in PMO?

In a survey, it has been established that nearly 8 out of 10 organizations are adapting to PMO culture for efficient delivery of projects. This increasing demand for the different roles definitely tops the reasons as to why you should work in PMO. The other reasons are-

  • A PMO is a dynamic team of efficient and experienced professionals. This gives you an opportunity to learn and develop your management skills.

  • The variety of functions delegated to a PMO can give you exposure to managing different projects, resources, etc.

  • Working in a PMO also adds to your fame and identity in the organization.

  • You will also learn how to complete projects on time and within budgets.

How can you qualify to work in a PMO?

The position and organization you are applying for, decides the qualifications required. So, there is not a single set of requirements but there are some common things for every role-

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in project management or any related field is a basic requirement to apply for a managerial post in a PMO.

  • Some of the positions in a PMO require a lot of skills and experience so, before working in a PMO, you are required to gain experience through working in other teams.

  • Any role in a PMO is a high position in an organization. You need to attribute your profile with a number of skill sets to be a part of the PMO. Any skill ranging between basic communication to knowing the Software Methodologies like V-Model, Lean Model, Agile Methodology, etc can be useful while working in a PMO.

  • Last one may not be mandatory for some roles but are advisable for career growth; which is to do a Master’s Degree in project management or related field. This will help you to apply for some senior positions in a PMO.

Certifications for PMO

Certifications are not mandatory for every role in a PMO but are certainly a booster to your career growth. There are a number of certification courses that can help in developing relevant skill sets and learn various practices for applying in the projects. Some of them are as follows-

  • · Advanced Project Management Certificate Program

  • · SAFe Agile Certification

  • · Certified Manager Certification

  • · Certified Scrum Master

  • · PMI Risk Management Professional


Simply put, a PMO helps to run everything smoothly in a project. They have some similar responsibilities like project managers i.e. to manage and resolve issues to deliver a project timely and in budget. The skills of communication, managing, Advance Agility during a project is expected by anyone working in a PMO.


1. Is a Scrum Master part of a PMO?

No, Scrum Master and PMO work closely in an organization to deliver projects smoothly but they are not inclusive.

2. What are the 3 types of PMO?

The general 3 types of PMO are-

  1. · A Supportive PMO provides help when needed.

  2. · A Controlling PMO gives the templates, procedures and reporting to the company.

  3. · A Directive PMO directs project management and also maintains relations with the Product Owner.

3. What things does a PMO do?

· It manages the project.

· Decides the best practices or methodologies. Agile Methodology is the most common but it does not suit every project. This decision is to be taken by the PMO.

· Resolving any issues.

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