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How To Pass The SAFe® Release Train Engineer (RTE) Exam?

Updated: Mar 6

Release train engineer

Release Train Engineer is a coach or a servant leader who is responsible for running ART events and processes to deliver value. His sole responsibility is to collaborate with stakeholders and team members to remove obstacles, manage risk and encourage relentless improvement in the development process. SAFe RTE Agile trainers must have a solid grasp of Lean-Agile principles and practices to identify unique opportunities to facilitate an ART event.

ART is the abbreviation of Agile Release Train. An Agile Release Train is nothing but a set of Agile teams that is responsible for providing a working product. Generally, a single ART is a collection of fifteen agile teams working on the same product. And a Release Train Engineer is the one who provides the ART team with the necessary resources to complete the task.

In this article, we are about to learn the steps to pass the SAFe Release Train exam. But before that let’s understand the job role of a RTE in an organization.

Release train engineer exam

Roles of a Release Train Engineer

Some of the major focus of the Release Train Engineer is to optimize the workflow, facilitate PI Planning, and support PI execution.

PI Planning: When it comes to the PI planning program, the RTE is responsible for reviewing the purpose, agenda, planning rules, expectations, and other logistics. And they must also conduct problem-solving meets to manage ART and PI risks.

PI execution: In this process, the RTE is responsible for removing impediments, escalating and addressing problems that cannot be resolved by teams. Also, they convey the changes in the annual calendars for the iterations and PIs.

How to pass SAFe® Release Train (RTE) exam?

SAFe Release Train Engineer Training is known for introducing candidates to SAFe practices, principles, and PI planning. This program helps people in leadership and management roles to lead programs and large solutions in a SAFe-adopted organization. This course also trains the candidate to build a high-performing ART that drives better results for their respective clients.

As an RTE aspirant, here are some vital things that you must follow:

1. Step 1: Learn the Prerequisites: Having completed a basic SAFe certification training like Leading SAFe or holding one current SAFe certification could help any candidate who is new to SAFe. The candidate should have participated in at least one PI and ART.

2. Step 2: Enroll for the exam: After learning about the requirements, the candidates may proceed to enroll themselves for the training course.

3. Step 3: Attend the training: The duration of this course is about three days. After the candidate completes the entire course, he is then given access to the SAFe community where he can take the online test.

Here are some simple tips to pass the exam:

To pass the SAFe Release Train Exam, candidates require to have a solid grasp of the SAFe framework, a better understanding of the job profile of an RTE, and some basic skills to facilitate and coordinate ART events.

1. Review the value, principles, and practices of a SAFe framework. Learn about the skills that describe the position of an RTE in an organization.

2. Prepare for the exam by testing your knowledge with the sample questions available online.

3. Try to understand the Program Increment Planning in detail to run the process effectively.

4. Also learn about the continuous delivery pipelines, DevOps culture, and Lean-Agile leadership practices and the process of applying these in real situations.

5. As SAFe® Release Train (RTE) exam is quite challenging, the candidate must acquire a thorough understanding of the given materials to pass the exam.

After the attendees clear the exam, they are provided with the SAFe Release Train Engineer certification. Also, they are given a digital badge that states that they are eligible to perform as an RTE in any organization. Access to the RTE community and access to learning materials are some exam extra benefits that come with the certification.


In summary, Software development is a huge process that includes a lot of practitioners to drive the desired results. And SAFe RTE Agile trainer is one of the major roles that takes care of the PI execution to help organizations adopt SAFe practices. Similar to other SAFe certifications that label a candidate to be the eligible person for the respective role, the SAFe Release Train exam is for individuals who want to become a certified SAFe® Release Train Engineer.


1. What is the pattern for SAFe® Release Train (RTE) exam?

SAFe® Release Train (RTE) exam is an advanced multiple-choice based test consisting of 60 questions. The duration of this exam is about 120 minutes. And the passing score is 75%. The candidates must answer at least 45 questions out of 60 to clear.

2. What are the benefits of SAFe RTE certification?

This certification validates a candidate to be eligible for taking the RTE role in any organization. This also states that the candidate has a high level of proficiency in the SAFe framework and is familiar with the roles of a SAFe Release Train Engineer in a company.

3. How does SAFe RTE differ from STE?

The primary focus of a SAFe RTE and STE is to facilitate ARTs and solution train processes. But a Solution Train Engineer works at a higher level within a company. Other than ARTs, they also look after the infrastructure and procurement needs.

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