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How to Master the SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager (SAFe POPM) Certification Exam?

Updated: Feb 8

As a part of a SAFe team or a product development process, both the SAFe Product Owner and the SAFe Product manager are responsible for explaining the Product’s vision and goal to the team. Their work is dependable on a Product’s goal to deliver value and handle tactical roles. So, a candidate aspiring to become either of the two must be equipped enough to work with other agile professionals to generate better business outcomes. Further to join any organization they must become a certified professional. And individuals who are eligible enough to clear SAFe Product/Manager Exam can handle the process effectively.

So, in this article, we discuss the steps to master the SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager Certification exam which is also called SOPM. Let’s get started!

SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager Certification exam

SAFe Product Owner

A SAFe Product Owner is accountable for managing the development process of a Product in collaboration with other agile professionals such as Product Manager. Their role is to maintain the product backlog and a healthy relationship with the stakeholders to maximize the production value. Below mentioned are some important roles of a PO:

  1. Connecting with clients.

  2. Contributing to the business vision and creating a roadmap.

  3. Managing the Product Backlog.

  4. Supporting the agile team in delivering value.

  5. Supporting the team members.

  6. Getting the feedback.

Learn the important skills to become a certified SAFe Product Owner with the “Skills Required to be a Good Product Owner” article.

SAFe Product Manager Depending on the size of the organization, a SAFe Product Manager is responsible for managing the day-to-day execution of developing a product. They are responsible for,

  1. Representing the stakeholder’s needs to the agile teams.

  2. Monitoring the market and developing the product.

  3. Defining the business vision and goal to make other team members to follow.

  4. Aligning the customer needs with the vision.

  5. Deciding the product features.

  6. And also promotes decision-making skills among team members.

If you are seeking to join a training course, have a look at the "Product Owner of SAFe

SAFe POPM Certification Course The SAFe POPM Certification course is an advanced-level training course that allows individuals to explore the technology space. It also aims at teaching the necessary skills to become a Product Owner/ Product Manager in any organization, regardless of the size of the company. It enlightens the candidates with important tools and techniques to handle tasks as a PO/PM. The course covers:

  1. Day-to-day roles of a PO/PM.

  2. Methods to handle engineering teams and business stakeholders.

  3. Procedure to write proper epics, features, and stories of a product.

  4. Methodology to follow for designing, prioritizing, building, testing, and delivering value to the customer.

  5. Leading the PI Planning.

  6. Ways to collaborate with other agile team members.

  7. Methods to develop a customer-centric mindset.

How to Master the SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager Exam? Learning about the roles of a SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager is easy. But mastering the role requires the necessary skills and knowledge about the right tools to manage tasks under the product management process. Here are some crucial steps to follow if you are looking to master the SAFe Product/ Manager exam.

  1. Attend the classes attentively.

  2. Go through the exam portal that supports sample papers to practice before appearing for the SAFe POPM test. The mock test gives a gist of how the actual paper is going to be.

  3. It also helps to analyse yourself and where your understanding level about the roles stand. So that the candidates can focus on the areas they lag.

  4. Try to learn new skills relevant to the roles which can also help you prepare for the POPM test. And have a practical view of the roles.

  5. Maintaining proper notes to go through before attending the test can also help.

Conclusion In conclusion, a candidate to understand the roles and responsibilities of the POPMs to master the SAFe Product/Manager Exam. They must learn about the tools and techniques that go in for both roles. Along with theoretical knowledge, it is necessary to have a hands-on experience on the subject as well to clear the test.

For further study consider reading our “Comparing POPM and Implementing SAFe” article to grasp a better understanding of SAFe POPM certification course.


  1. What is the process for the SAFe POPM Certification course? The individuals to acquire the SAFe POPM certificate must get trained by a SAFe Practice Consultant, attend beginner-level courses like Leading SAFe, gain experience working in a SAFe environment, learn processes to link SAFe principles and practices with roles of the PO/PM, and learn role action plans to pass the SAFe POPM certification test.

  2. What are the career benefits associated with the POPM certification course? A certified SAFe Product Owner or Product Manager has a wider opportunity to explore organizations that has multiple projects. Holding a certificate or being a certified candidate takes the individuals to rank in the top list to join higher positions in any organization. Further a certified is much more valued by the business leaders to lead their company.

  3. What is the difficulty level for the SAFe POPM certification course? Candidates applying for the SAFe POPM certification exam must be familiar with the SAFe framework and concepts. Having the required knowledge can help candidates pass the test easily. And talking about the difficulty level, SAFe POPM is a moderate-level test that can be cleared if the concepts are clear.

  4. What are the priorities for a Product Owner? To align the tasks in the Product Backlog based on the priorities, conducting scrum events, and analysing the feedbacks received from the stakeholders to make immediate changes.

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