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Creating Agile Product Vision

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

“Every Vision needs a plan and every plan needs a vision for success.”

Product vision

As in Agile, product owners are responsible persons for achieving the success of the product. It becomes necessary for them to first create a vision for the product. Further, they manage and own the product vision.

Generally defining the vision states, that it is an inspirational, emotionally involved statement of the enterprise founder stating the future of the company. It includes the emotions a founder wants to experience while interacting with the people involved and related to that company. Whereas, this definition even though correct but somewhat confusing and not straight to the point. When it comes to the Product vision in agile it does not perfectly fit with the statement. So in agile, we can state vision as the future state of the company whereas an organization you want to go to. This also applies to everything in which you have the vision to reach somewhere or have a final state of impact to achieve.

But most people get confused with the vision and mission and consider vision as a ‘why?’ of the product. Explaining it, vision, ‘where?’ is the future we want to achieve and not present in the current state whereas, why is the reason we are doing the actions which are present in a current state called as mission.

Importance of vision in Product Success
  • No concept or system is done in vain; similarly, there must be some importance in providing or deciding about the product before development. So let’s see the importance of vision.

  • It motivates the team and stakeholders as you can direct them by showing a point you want them to proceed towards.

  • Having the same and clear idea of the reaching goal in every member's mind will help align the demands of stakeholders and actions of team members while developing a product.

  • It helps in avoiding the extra effort and hustle for reaching the goals as you have a clear idea of where you want to reach.

  • It improves strategic decision-making as the vision can be easily translated into strategies and helps the team in creating roadmaps in the visual direction.

Creating Product Vision

Product vision

1. Analyze key stakeholders for creating a vision

First of all, a product owner has to identify how he will develop a simple vision with teams. For this, they need to share the platform with stakeholders and discuss it thoroughly about developing a vision. So product owner needs to have a stakeholder analysis and identify the key stakeholders who will playa vital role in creating a product. While having a meet-up regarding the vision product owner must clarify the roles and responsibilities. But they must also keep in mind that this meeting is not for only him to lead but he must ensure that all participants are previously knowledgeable about and tool for creating a shared vision.

2. Guard as a vision keeper

During a meeting product owner as the responsible owner of the product must provide the outline of the vision. He must further encourage everyone to speak up about their motivation towards work. Then combine all the vision statements and derive the final one from all the shared and valued ones.

3. Ensure it is achievable

After finalizing the vision on which everyone agrees we must make sure that it is a clear and achievable vision. It is the one if worked on can be completed with the most benefits and motivation.

4. Documenting the Vision

Once the vision is created and finalized it is required to be documented so that it can be communicated further and trigger the next step. This documentation can be done with the Roman Pichler vision board template as it provides the space for vision declaration along with space for strategy creation. Following this board are divided into four columns naming target groups, needs, product, and business goals. This refers to the customer their needs and though their needs are fulfilled by product features and attaching it with business-oriented goals.

“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to the completion.”

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