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7 Questions to Determine if You Are Right for Being a Scrum Master

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

“Chose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

We at a very early age, start to find the answer to the question, of 'what I want to be'. The process of choosing an option for pursuing our career seriously starts from the time during our education and still goes on till its completion. For some, it still goes on as they don’t feel satisfied or content in their work. There are various examples, which after overall thought and getting in work they love still states that they are not happy with their job or they are not the right fit for it.

Agile is a demanding career and well-paid field making many software engineers and other individuals interested in it. Just good pay and a demanding career must never be the reason for your choice in agile or in any other case. The reason must include the right fit for your personality, skills, and interest. While doing the certification for agile or changing their field in agile and scrum most have the thought that is we fit for it? Or are we doing a mistake? We must know we cannot reach the top chart with the required skill and job-demanding personalities. Here, we will discuss some questions to be asked to themselves to know rightly if scrum master as a job is suitable for you and will you be happy with the scrum master role.

Scrum master

Do you Love Helping Others?

A scrum master must be helping in nature and love doing it. Being a scrum master has various tasks at hand or also plays other roles like a designer, programmer, tester, etc. They are always full of work and it becomes necessary for them to make a choice everyday to complete their work or help others in solving their problems. Even with good intentions, it becomes hard to make this choice and help others. The individual only interested in helping others can go beyond their task and also work for their team along.

Are you Adept at Influencing People?

In many cases, we see the managers and tech leads are used to working in an authoritative way becoming their working style. But to be a scrum master the person must know that they need to learn the skill of influencing others without being authoritative. When anyone moves to a scrum master role from tech lead or manager it becomes difficult for them to achieve this skill of unauthoritative influencing.

Do you Love Spotlight?

Do you always feel the need to be in the spotlight? Scrum masters always need to think and act for a team and team members betterment before thinking for them, stepping aside and working for betterment rather than making themselves look good. They are the leader's people barely known for their work but are known for their teams because they always give a spotlight to the team.

Scrum master

Are you a Good Listener?

Scrum masters must be skilled in knowing when to be in action and when to just listen. A good listener quality is always needed in a scrum master. They need to listen to the doubts and issues of the team and question accordingly for clarifying the problems. The scrum master must always remember that they are paid for their ideas and action and not for their words.

Are you Okay with Uncertainty?

Being a scrum master one needs to be in a situation of uncertainty a lot. The team is coached to embrace these uncertainties. If as a scrum master you will try to eliminate every uncertainty then in it you will surely be frustrated or drive your team crazy achieving it. Scrum master needs to be comfortable with the uncertainty and trust their teams.

Are you Skilled in Handling Conflict well?

Every role as a leader or guide includes handling conflict. You don't need to be comfortable with it but you must know to handle it well. Every team at some point differ in opinion and personality of team members and then involves the role of the scrum master to solve such conflicts. Scrum masters must be always ready and well trained in it.

Are you interested in Technical?

It is not always necessary to have a software background to be a scrum master but a person must have an interest in technology. As they must know at list basic of what their team performs.

“Your work is going to fill the large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work and love what you do.”

Know the answer to the above questions for yourselves and know are you a right fit for scrum master!

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