Gaurav Rajwanshi

Co-Founder & Transformation Coach & Trainer

London, UK

Gaurav is a director of Advance Agility, Coach and Trainer helping corporate clients and conducting public training programs across the globe. Gaurav has worked with organisation like HSBC, Barclays, RBS and Ministry of Justice and many more.

He is passionate about Agile, Kanban, Lean way of working, which can allow organisations to respond to customer need in reduced sustainable time and becoming more customer centric and in turn profitable systems.Subject matter expert in a wide range of Agile concepts and methodologies: SAFe, Nexus, Less, Scrum, Kanban etc.

Working effectively as a Change and Transformation agent with Senior Leadership and Executives including COOs, CIOs, Directors, VPs and Head of the Departments.

Comprehensive experience as an Agile Coach helping Scrum Masters and Leaders who are working within product teams actively applying Agile principles.

Experience in leading and delivering Agile Transformation, leaveraging Consulting and facilitation expertise for the implementation of Agile processes in technical and business teams.

Experienced at managing, coaching, educating multiple Agile teams simultaneously at different locations using classroom and remote settings as applicable.

Positive relationship building skills, with ability to work independently

Deep understanding of software development life cycle (SDLC) and engineering and delivery methods, product development and DevOps, with a technical background.

Possesses expert technical understanding of the intersection of development and operations (DevOps), monitoring and management tools, and deployment processes and tools

Experienced in creating content for training and knowledge sharing.

Strongly passionate about building team working with people while coaching, educating and mentoring them through effective Agile implementation techniques.

Apart from coaching and training, Gaurav is running two startup companies as well in the area of consulting and education

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