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Get certified as a SAFe Agilist and Professional Certified Coach

Soft Skills


360° Makeover

Are you confused about your next step? Do you often feel overwhelmed? Do you often wallow in self-doubt and stay in denial? The 360 degree makeover course provides expert guidance and training on appearance, grooming, body language, etiquette coaching, self-love and therapies.


Law of Attraction

It's time to learn how to transform your life if you see that bad energy is holding you back and making you resentful. Law of Attraction course teaches how choice of words can affect your life and behaviour.

Personality Development

Have you ever held yourself back from raising your hand in class despite knowing the answer? Or felt nervous to speak up in a group of people? A Personality Development course will help you overcome everything that is stopping you from becoming the ‘best you’!


Public Speaking & Confidence Building

Do you hesitate to talk in large gathering? Are you flooded with thoughts like “Will I know enough?” “Will they like my speech?” “What will they think of my confidence? Public Speaking and Confidence Building course will help you bring some serious empowerment to your public speaking and leave your audience with a memorable impression

Interview Skills

The world is moving fast and jobs, even faster. No matter how great your hard skills are, if you don’t ace the interview, you don’t get to implement them. Interview skills course helps you solve exactly this problem!


Communication Enhancement Training

Whether you are a student, a working professional or a homemaker, communication skills are essential for one and all. The way we communicate determines the connections we form.

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