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Disciplined Agile® Scrum Master (DASM)

Empower your project leadership by diving into Disciplined Agile with DASM certification for advance

  • 549 US dollars
  • Online

Course Description

Overview What can you expect from Disciplined Agile® Scrum Master (DASM) Course? The two-day Disciplined Agile Scrum Master course comprises nine lessons, instructing participants on leveraging Disciplined Agile (DA) to enhance team workflows. This program covers foundational agile and lean practices, actively applying the toolkit for problem-solving, and fostering the skills to build high-performance teams. Ideal for both individual learners and teams, the course provides a comprehensive understanding of Agile and Lean fundamentals. Participants will gain proficiency in constructing and supporting Disciplined Agile teams, tailoring their unique "Way of Working" (WoW), and effectively navigating project initiation, development, and deployment stages. Key Points covered in this course: Explore Agile and Lean fundamentals for value creation within teams. Build and support Disciplined Agile teams, emphasizing a tailored "Way of Working" (WoW). Navigate the stages of initiating, building, and deploying solutions effectively. Embrace the Disciplined Agile mindset, focusing on pragmatism, the power of choice, and context adaptation. Foster continuous improvement, ensuring teams succeed and enjoy the process. Learn various Agile and Lean techniques, including Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe®. Utilize the Disciplined Agile toolkit for effective ways of working in diverse situations. Benefits of DASM certification Upon successful completion of this certification participant will acquire proficiency in following domains: Enhanced Agile Expertise: DASM certification enriches understanding of Disciplined Agile, boosting professionals' confidence in navigating intricate project scenarios. Adaptability: Certified individuals master various Agile and Lean techniques, fostering versatility across diverse organizational landscapes. Effective Leadership: DASM-certified professionals excel in building and supporting Disciplined Agile teams, ensuring seamless collaboration and successful project outcomes. Tailored Solutions: Certification empowers practitioners to customize a purposeful "Way of Working" for each project stage, aligning Agile principles with specific team and project requirements. Continuous Improvement Focus: Embracing the Disciplined Agile mindset, certified individuals contribute to a culture of ongoing improvement, enhancing team success and satisfaction.

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