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Get certified as a SAFe Agilist and Professional Certified Coach

Professional Agile Leadership – Essentials Course

Professional Agile Leadership Essentials™ (PAL-E) is a hands-on, activity based class in which managers and leaders of agile teams gain a strong understanding of how to best support, guide, and coach their teams to create the conditions for great agility.

The course also includes a free attempt at the globally recognized Professional Agile Leadership I (PAL I) certification exam.

  • Duration: 2 Days

  • Delivery: Instructor Led, Delivered Over Zoom

Professional Agile Leadership - Essentials

$ 1700


Who Should Attend

The Professional Agile Leadership Essentials course is designed for managers and those in leadership roles who are responsible for the introduction and establishment of Agile methods and techniques in an organization.

  • Leaders sponsoring an Agile transformation or involved in the adoption of Agility in their organizations

  • Managers or leaders responsible for developing people on Scrum Teams

  • Leaders of one or more Scrum Teams including Scrum Masters, Product Owners and other leaders on Scrum Teams

This was a very well presented training session. The Safe PO practices were explained very well and the instructor was able to encourage interactions between all attendants


Why Choose Us?

Accredited Gold Partner of Scaled Agile Academy
One-on-one mentoring by SPCs to improve Your SAFe knowledge
Trainers with 20+ years of experience
Extensive and highly interactive mock exam to prepare for the final exam
Free online access to all Webinars
100% Success rate

Course Description

Being an agile organization requires senior leaders, middle managers, and agile team members to change the way that they organize their work, manage that work, and measure the results of the work. Agile teams cannot do this on their own; they need help from the entire organization. Changes in the way that people think and work are required driving improved results by having everyone’s goals and ways of working aligned.

In this two day class attendees develop a deep understanding of the role that leaders play in creating the conditions for a successful agile environment. Leaders and managers are critical enablers in helping their organizations be successful, yet the role of leaders and managers in an agile organization can be quite different from what they are used to. This workshop uses a combination of instruction and team-based exercises to help participants learn how to form and support agile teams to achieve better results, and how to lead the cultural and behavioral changes that organizations must make to reap the benefits of an agile product delivery approach.

View the different Focus Areas covered within this class and others. You can download the course datasheet for offline reading.


Get certified as a SAFe Agilist and Professional Certified Coach


Course Objectives

  • Understand how agility can help you improve your organization’s performance

  • Learn the challenges teams face during an Agile transformation and how to remove impediments

  • Discover the shift in management style that a leader must make when going from traditional to agile ways of working

  • Understand the leader’s role in “self-managing” teams

  • Learn how to assess and foster the team’s agile maturity

  • Discover how to connect values (personal, team and Scrum values) and clear goals to develop high performing teams

  • Identify how to measure the benefits and impacts of agility in your organization

Course Topics

  • Theory and Principles

  • Improving Value Delivery

  • Value – The “What”

  • Culture – The “Who”

  • Professionalism – The “How”

  • Scaling


This was a very well presented training session. The Safe PO practices were explained very well and the instructor was able to encourage interactions between all attendants



Assessment & Certifications

All participants completing the Professional Agile Leadership – Essentials course will receive a password to attempt the Professional Agile Leadership I (PAL I) certification assessment. PAL-E class participants who attempt the PAL I assessment within 14 days of receiving their free password and do not score at least 85% will be granted a 2nd attempt at no additional cost.

About The Trainer


Simon Kneafsey is a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) with & He is on a mission to simplify Scrum for 1 million people. He has helped 10,000+ people in 1000+ organisations in 35+ countries so far, and he can help you too!


Simon’s courses come highly recommended with 500+ personal LinkedIn

recommendations. He is 5 star rated on Trustpilot & Google. His clients include Google, NASA, the United Nations, Toyota, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Roche, GSK and many, many more.

You can read more about Simon Kneafsey on and you can contact him.

Get certified as a SAFe Agilist and Professional Certified Coach

Professional Agile Leadership - Essentials

$ 1700

$ 599

  • What qualifications are needed to enroll in the SAFe® Scrum Master (SSM) course?
    Anyone interested in learning more about the SAFe framework and developing their abilities to take advantage of this potent framework can enroll in this certified SAFe Scrum Master course; there are no prerequisites. To succeed on the Certified SAFe Scrum Mater (SSM) certification test, you need have knowledge with the following: 1. Agile principles and concepts 2. Understanding the methods used in the development of hardware and software using Scrum, Kanban, and eXtreme Programming (XP)
  • Who should enroll in the SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) course?
    The following people will gain something from this course: 1. New Scrum Masters who must fill the position. 2. Current Scrum Masters who want to comprehend their position inside a SAFe enterprise 3. Team Leads who desire to comprehend the duty of the Scrum Master SAFe Release Train engineers who want to instruct Scrum Masters on their responsibilities.
  • Who can take this certification?
    This training is open to professionals in non-IT and IT businesses who want to work in a SAFe® environment. Professionals from the list below are welcome to enroll in the course: 1. Program or Project Managers 2. Scrum Masters 3. Team Leads 4. Release Train Engineers 5. Business Analysts 6. Agile Coaches 7. Portfolio Managers 8. Consultants 9. Architects 10. Engineers 11. Developers 12. Directors 13. Quality Managers 14. Product Managers 15. Product Owner 16. Delivery Manager 17. Program Manager
  • After finishing this SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master with SSM Certification course, what practical skills can I anticipate having?
    We want to make sure you have all the abilities necessary to be a successful SAFe Scrum Master with our Certified SAFe Scrum Master program. You will gain the practical skills companies need in a SAFe Scrum Master throughout this two-day program's engaging and interactive sessions: 1. Leadership 2. Coaching 3. Change management 4. Motivation 5. Conflict management 6. Facilitation 7. Lean-Agile management 8. Supporting execution of program 9. Training Agile teams 10. Resolving impediments 11. Enhancing team performance 12. Leading and facilitating change 13. Identifying customer needs 14. Guiding teams for enhanced productivity and performance 15. Facilitating workshop to write epics, capabilities, features, and stories 16. Facilitating backlogs prioritization 17. Delivering the maximum business value at scale
  • How long this SAFe Scum Master (SSM) certification is valid?
    The validity of the SSM certification is for one year, after which you may renew it by paying a fee of $250.
  • Do you offer SAFe Scum Master (SSM) certification training materials?
    Yes, we do. As part of this training, you get access to SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) digital workbook which can be downloaded via Scaled Agile Portal.
  • Do you offer classroom training as well?
    We do provide class-room training. To deliver this, we will require a minimum of 15 members. For additional information about enrolling in in-house training at your business,
  • What if, I have more doubts post training completion?
    You can write it to with the training details you have attended, and our support team will get back to you shortly.
  • What will I be able to do once I've completed the SAFe Scrum Master course?
    To assist you in getting ready for the Certified SAFe Scrum Master test, the Certified SAFe Scrum Master course has been carefully created. After successfully completing this online SAFe Scrum Master course, you will have the skills necessary to: 1. Scale Agile in a SAFe enterprise and help teams organize Scrum events. 2. Ensure successful iteration execution. 3. Support the efficient implementation of Program Increment. 4. Encourage constant progress. 5. Coach agile teams to get the best business outcomes.
  • Can you help me with the exam details of SAFe Scrum Master (SSM)?
    1. Exam name –SAFe® 6.0 Scrum Master Exam 2. Exam format – Multiple choice; Multiple select. 3. Exam delivery – Web-based (single-browser), closed book, no outside assistance, time boxed 4. Exam access – Candidates can access the exam within the SAFe Community Platform upon completion of the SAFe® Scrum Master course. 5. Exam duration – Once the exam begins, candidates have 90 minutes (1.5 hours) to complete the exam. 6. Number of questions – 45 7. Passing score=33 out of 45 (73%) 8. Language – English 9. Exam cost – First exam attempt is included as part of the course registration fee if the exam is taken within 30 days of course completion. Each retake attempt costs $50 as per the current policy from Scaled Agile INC. 10. Retake policy – Second attempt on exam (first retake) can be done immediately after first attempt. Third attempt requires a 10-day wait. Fourth attempt requires a 30-day wait.
  • Can you help me with more information on SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) certification?
    Please drop an email to
  • What comes after the Scrum Master (SSM) in SAFe?
    You will be prepared to assume the SAFe Scrum Master role in top organizations once you have earned your SAFe Scrum Master certification. By obtaining the following certificates, you can further your SAFe skills: 1. SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master 2. SAFe® Product Owner 3. SAFe® Product Manager 4. SAFe® Release Train Engineer 5. SAFe® Program Consultant
  • How can having a SAFe Scrum Master certification benefit me?
    You benefit from the SAFe Scrum Master certification by: 1. Verify your dedication to maintaining excellence and quality 2. Showcase your knowledge of SAFe® and enterprise-level Scrum implementation. 3. Develop your SAFe® career with assurance. 4. Get noticed in employment interviews or when applying for promotions. 5. Demand greater pay than your non-certified competitors. 6. Connect with business leaders and experts in Agile 7. The SAFe® Scrum Master Certification will help you get ready for the next step in enhancing your Agile career progression. The most widely used technique for scaling Agile is the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), which is used by 70% of Fortune 100 and many Global 2000 firms. Its core ideas include Lean, systems thinking, Agile development, design thinking, and DevOps. The need for SAFe Scrum Masters is greater than ever, and the qua