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Why We Need Agile?

Agile is essentially about delivering value while doing a task and in the process overcoming change of plans that arises along the journey. Agile is needed in today’s dynamic business scenario more so as the need is there to overcome the change on a regular and each step basis.

Parameters while implementing Agile:

  • Ever-evolving change in plans: In today’s day and age change in plans is inevitable. One needs to be flexible. One needs to be agile. Even for the simplest tasks things keep evolving. It makes business agility all the more critical in executing projects of various sizes.

  • The paradigm of Learning: A lot of times we are faced with a task that we haven’t done before; a task that requires some learning to accomplish. So we are constantly on a learning curve. And to break down that learning to concrete measurable steps is what the whole game is about.

  • Creativity and Design Thinking: Creativity, innovation, and design thinking take us to another level on the learning curve. And it’s centered around the individual, their unique self, and their imagination. There are always uncertainties in creative work and one must keep trying new ideas and new ways and see how it unravels. An agile approach is easy and handy. All we have to do is fix a reasonable time and estimate the simplest yet critical must-haves. However, what normally gets done is the estimate and not necessarily the required outcome. And the rework is here to ensure what gets done is what needs to be done precisely and in the best way possible.

  • Duality/Ambiguity: The modern technological world is inundated with chaos, information overload, and a lot of dynamism. Things change in the blink of an eye. It becomes important for an agile practitioner to set aside time and resources to counter and manage ambiguity. And the processes need self evolvement to deliver a robust product.

  • Time: Time is a critical factor. It can’t be controlled but surely monitored. As an agile professional, you must always be on your toes to make the most of the time at hand.

Why Agility is needed?

In a world so diverse and distractive it becomes important to stay on the course, on the track.

The main advantage of being agile is keeping on the right track. The iterative nature of the agile approach where you keep on inspect and adapt makes it easier to detect when you are not on the right track.

One has to slice his deliverables into thin and concrete smaller actions. At the end of each step, something useful should be available to the customer. Agility is about judiciously planning how to invest your resources to deliver. If not done rightly, it can have repercussions.

A leader in the Agile arena has to leave behind the idea of controlling his team. Instead, he must undertake that his job is nothing more than guidance and advice. So as he works along, he assesses his team and adapts to their behaviors.

So in essence, being Agile is tied up with the presence of change. The interaction with the change should happen in a way that makes Agile thrive alongside the existence of change.

Why Advance Agility for your Agile need?

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