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Ways to Encourage Team Member to be a Team Player

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

“A Player who makes the team great is more valuable than a great player, losing yourself in the group, for the good of the group, that’s teamwork.”

As a scrum master and agile coach, it becomes your duty to encourage and motivate every member of the team for teamwork. Employees are the main resource of any company, so they always try to create an atmosphere such that employees can give their best. But in some cases, we see that even after a good environment and supporting seniors and team members some are not ready to mend in the groups affecting to disturb the teams' environment and abilities to work. They disturb the team's enthusiasm and even values. As being a leader of the team it becomes the scrum master's responsibility to mend that team member with a team and involve them as a supporting team player. The small tips to recognize a person without team spirit are

  • They are unable to solve conflict occurred with other team members

  • Continuously shift the blame on others for their mistakes

  • They are stubborn with their character and not ready to improve

  • Poor in communication with others even with team members

  • Regularly procrastinate negative outcomes while taking any actions.


Ways to encourage Team Players with Agile Mindset

Avoid Complaining to Management

The very first step to do when you observe someone as not a team player and creating an issue is avoided complaining about it at managers, or executives for changing his team. This will create a negative impact on the management of your as well as of your team. This complaining seems a childish act of working which should be avoided as it will bring no good. That person you are complaining about will also worsen the matter if they know your act. It is advisable to take as many steps as you can from your side to handle and improve the situation before taking such steps.

Communicate Directly and Clearly


Direct communication is the best way to solve any issues and get an idea even if the other person understands their conditions. By direct and clear communication you will also get a chance to see and listen their perspectives. While direct communication, it is also necessary to keep it clear but without hurting their feelings. Such communications are always hard to do but there are ways which can help to smooth it. Always keep your professional interest and avoid being emotional, while communicating with them for better results. While communicating prepare yourself before discussion and explain situations and their behavior with examples and ask them what they can do to improve such situations. Try as much as possible to go with a positive way because even negative feedback, delivered positively can make the result more successful.

Understand their Challenges and Obstacles

The way they are not working well with you doesn't need to be always because of their character. Sometimes, it may be because they don’t have the job aptitude or training necessary. So always make sure what the reason is for their behavior before making any assumptions. If training and job objectives are the reason then make sure to provide the respectively required training to them and other help they require in any way.

team members

Appreciate Teams Efforts

Many times team members avoid going out of their way to work with others only if they see their effort is valued and appreciated. Make sure to value everyone's effort and work keeping favoritism out of it when they try to put their everything in their jobs. Make sure to give them ideas about what you are expecting from them and how everyone will be appreciated at the very start. If possible try to convince your senior executives and managers to have collective appreciation in departments for making everyone feel more valued. Along with other constraints and standards also have team players as one of the constrain in appreciation.

Create Proper Environment in Team

Most of the behavior of team members depends on the environment of the team they are working in. As a scrum master, it's your responsibility to create and maintain the team's happy and motivating environment. Try to have a healthy competition among team members, share responsibilities in a team as per their abilities and skills, provide team opportunities for their professional and personal growth. Strictly prohibit negative workflow and atmosphere in teams. Also, take feedback from the team regarding your behavior and way of working to know what they feel better. Improve if you feel they are right and set a good example for them because in agile mindset we believe “what you do has a far greater impact than what you say.”

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