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Tips to Rectify Past Mistakes at Work

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

“Only those who do not work do not make mistakes.”

No person has not made any mistake in his working life at work. Everyone does it but the ways we handle it are different. Most of the time, we keep on playing the scenario repeatedly. This repetition goes for days or weeks, this repetitive overthinking is called rumination in agile fundamentals. This rumination brings anxiety in a loop. This mistake leads to rumination and anxiety person becomes less confident resulting in more mistakes done by them. To avoid this cycle there are some ways to overcome past mistakes and rectify mistakes done at work which we will study in today’s article.


The best way to overcome this rumination is a TDD- Trigger, Distance, and Distract method widely used in agile mindset.

  • Trigger- If you observe that you are going in this cycle of rumination then try to find out the triggers in you which cause this rumination. The triggers may include people, projects, decisions, or situations. Focus on what are the things that make you cause this overthinking.

  • Distance- Once you can detect such triggers try to avoid them. Distance yourself from such triggers. Avoiding negative thinking is the best way to avoid the loop. But how one will avoid them? A label such negative thinking as your feelings or thoughts. Instead of saying that I’m inadequate say, I feel I’m inadequate. This helps you in keeping your personality different from your feelings and thoughts.

  • Distract- The next step to avoid such triggers and thoughts is to distract you. IF you can try to go for a walk or chat with friends or such things which can easily take your mind easily away from your thinking.

If the mistake you have made is bigger and not avoidable then it’s okay to feel awful for some time. But as we know mistake is done in the past and the past can’t be changed. But we can minimize the impact of it. With the below steps, we will learn how to minimize its impact on ourselves and also reduce the loss professionally.

1. Don’t Catastrophize-When anyone makes a mistake their mind's first reaction is to see the scene in a much worse condition than it is. So take a deep breath and calm yourself first. Further, take someone’s opinion to better understand the situation. Even if it’s not good but there can be a solution to make it less impactful.

2. Own the Mistake- It is good to own the mistakes for our actions as we own the credit is what thought in agile principles and agile fundamentals. Immediately accepting your fault will make others think of you as a sincere person. Delay in acceptance will make them think that you were trying to hide it or differ blame. Acceptance will also lose some of your burdens as others may try to help you in overcoming them.

3. Make Apologies- In some cases you can only apologize in the situation so do it. If finding a solution works in the situation then try it too. If the issue can be solved by paying the debt or working overtime, be ready for it and fix the issue. Don’t assume and be open to others on how to make it up to them.

4. Be Patient- To build others' trust in you may take time in the bigger issues so be patient and clear with your working ways so that there should not be any other mistakes owned by you. If you are a good performer then it will be more early than required to regain the trust of team members and team leaders. If you observe the larger issue try to communicate with your seniors agile coach or team leaders regarding it to solve it from the root successfully. If you think that the mistake occurred because of your way of working then make sure to change your working ways further and always try to improve yourself for better performance. Last but not least always remember you are human so it is okay to make mistakes but also remember, “It’s not a mistake to make a mistake, but it’s a mistake to repeat the same mistake.” So focus on your mistakes, learn from them and make sure not to repeat them and let them go. The mistake you make will not have so much impact on your career as much the way you react to it does.

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