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Tips to Get Heard in Meetings

“Meetings at work present great opportunities to showcase your talent. Do not let them go to waste.”

As we know meetings can be great for collaborations and problem solving any complex ones. Every company has two types of power the authorities and the influence. The power which comes with authority comes with your role or formal level of working. Another one comes with influence. When people listen to what you have to say, they take notes when you speak whether it be your boss or anyone else, colleagues ask you for your suggestions and they adjust meetings for your accommodations. Then you have a powerful influence on others because of your speaking and ideas. But many times people have experienced that even after having great ideas they are avoided or neglected in meetings. No one feels the need to hear them. Because, all are eager in providing their contribution, or inputting their ideas at the table. This generally happens to the person who is new or younger in the group or was unable to create any influence on members in meetings previously. Points to know if you are one of them is

  • People terminate your ideas even before you complete your point

  • You are regularly interrupted by others while expressing yourself.

  • You are not given recognition for your efforts

  • They don’t approve of your points but if someone else put them it gets a thought.

  • No one seems interested in your ideas.

So the question arises how can we get ourselves to get heard in a meeting?

The answer to this question is provided in this article below. Let’s get started and get an answer to it.

Boost the Gravitas

Gravitas is getting heard with your influence. Even if you don’t have influence you can borrow it. To do so, firstly ask the main person or higher authority in the meeting for their permission to share your idea. In this way, everyone will be bound to listen to you because interrupting you will also mean interrupting the authority’s permission. Secondly while starting to repeat what the authority or the higher authority has said before this will create their interest in your idea as this will build a bridge in there and your suggestions and discussion. This tip will provide you with a quick hack of getting you heard in a meeting.

But for regular importance and having your influence in meeting using the below hack will be useful.

Confidence is the key

As we have heard many times one important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” You have earned your spot in the organization so there is no need to hesitate with your opinions. Be confident in your opinions and body language. Before speaking up your ideas prepare for them mentally. Make sure when you will speak you will seem confident not only by your talking but also with your body language. Make eye contact; ensure your seating positions and way of talking.

Interact as Equals

Remember when you are invited to the meeting they mean your ideas and opinions matter. So be sure to share it and even share your problems just don’t overdo it. When there are your seniors and executives it’s normal to feel intimidated and subordinate. But overcome that feeling with practice and speak up like an equal because in meetings there are no levels it’s a game, and while getting in the gameplay like a player and not as sub-ordinate. Speak up your opinions even if it’s voicing out the difference with others' ideas. Doing so will create respect for you in the meetings not only from your colleagues but also from your seniors.

Join Conversation Tactfully

Generally, we all find a pause in discussions or conversation to speak up which we take as an indication as our turn to talk. But in many cases where there are several opinionated people, it’s hard to get such pause. So it becomes necessary to interfere but doing it tactfully is art or else it will cause a damaging effect for you. Restating their statements by starting with ‘if I hear you correctly…’ or stating ‘I like his suggestion and would recommend along with it…’ in their conversation will do the job for you. It will provide you an entry to put your ideas and also all ears on you without offending anyone.

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