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Things to Adjust as New Scrum Masters

“Feeling confident- or pretending that you feel confident is necessary to reach for opportunities. It’s a cliché, but opportunities are rarely offered; they are seized.”

Being a new scrum master is also an opportunity, an opportunity which is needed to be seized. But when entered into a new role of scrum master many feel confused and less confident as compared to normal.

But it’s okay!

Everyone feels nervous or miserable when trying something new. It’s necessary to understand at first that we are not the one who needs to hold the sky. In actuality, no one needs to hold the sky. Agile itself provides us with this mindset of effortless working. In this article, we will know about some tips to feel confident by being a new scrum master.

So let’s start without wasting any more time.

You don’t have to be ‘Know It All’ Guy

In the team, you are not expected to know all the answers. The basic one sure you need to know but, not all. It’s okay if you cannot answer some questions. . Do not punish yourself for it. You are part of the team so you all need to work collaborating as a team. You must initiate and trigger motivational thinking in the group to reach solutions.

Learn to Ask Questions

All problems are arising with a solution. It’s only necessary to reach for it. The best solution to reach the solution is by asking questions. This will initiate the thinking ability of the team and everyone will try to answer the question hence reaching the solution. The only criteria are to ask the right question.

Listening is the key

Wherever you may be, listening is the key in every aspect of life. Thus, listening is the key as new and old scrum masters are also. If you are the one talking half of the time in any discussion then just wait, it’s your turn to listen. Always try to talk less and listen more. Don’t consider that you are a responsible person to keep the discussion alive. You are there for a solution so don’t talk much and listen to what others have to say. Only speak when necessary.

Take a Pause

There will be always times when you will be confused about what to do next. At such duration, just take a pause. Let your mind settle, think and then start again. Pausing will help the mind refresh a little this will show you that after pause you will be able to handle the situation even better.

It’s Not Always About You

There will be various times when you will feel that this is the moment to show everyone what you are and you can shine now. Or there will be even time when you will feel less confident that you missed the opportunity to shine you could have said something extraordinary to shine but it’s gone. At such times remember, it’s not about you it’s you as a part of the team. It is necessary for, the team to shine and directly you will also shine. The more you give to the team the more you will get.

Be Curious

Don’t rush to complete the task or do things as soon as someone asks you to do. Just wait ask some questions stay curious, what is the goal to do it, can they tell you more? Get more information and deep understanding. This will make you know the problem better and also increase respect in the team when you will move forward in the right direction.

Agility Takes Time

Know; Agility takes time. Learn it one step at a time, improve who wants to improve, not who don’t want to. Take the initiative to victory when you can and learn to improve whenever you can.

Improve, Innovate and Experiment

Improve yourself, try new things, and experiment. It’s okay to fail. If failed say it loud and proud, let your team know that it’s okay to fail and they can also try new things. Don’t get jammed in your way. A better person is always a better scrum master. Always be observant, listen, and have patience.

“You either control your mind, or it controls you.”

So work on your mind and your mind will work for you the ten folds. Because agility is a mindset or we can say it’s all about common sense just you need to build it.

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