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The Efficient Versus The Effective

First thing first. Effective means the competence for a job at hand while efficient infers producing the intended results. In essence effective means doing the right thing where effectiveness is about doing the things right. Generally, we see the price for greater efficiency is less effectiveness.

In striving for efficiency, organizations forget the crucial aspect of effectiveness. The thought leaders go on to the extend to suggest it’s better to do the right things poorly than to do the wrong things better. Efficiency means to look inside of the firm while effectiveness looks outside of the organization.

The consistently successful companies are forever on the watch as to what their customer wants. They focus not only to meet the customer’s expectations but to exceed them. And in today’s times, no service required is the best customer service. Things require effort. Things worth doing even more so. One needs to give hundred percent. And to work effectively, efficiently and amazingly it gets even more demanding. A relentless pursuit towards betterment is the key. Effort is the underdog but with thorough perseverance it can make you indispensable. Effort empowers and effort enables.

Starting-up and in the early days of a company efficiency can bring in the profits but for growth effectiveness is your ally. Over the long haul it’s the effectiveness with which a company solves a customer’s problem that stands it on a good stead.

Balancing The Pendulum

Typically, it is very difficult to be both effective and efficient simultaneously. A company has to constantly deal with the trade-off. And it’s not about choice. Alternating between the two helps a company go where it intends to. Efficiency and effectiveness are the concepts associated closely yet not the same. Though appearing same, they in fact are quite different.

The Efficiency Versus The Effectiveness Chart:

Things low in efficiency and effectiveness are downright undesirable so should be weeded out of the system. Things that are highly effective and low on efficiency may be made superior by enhancing efficiency. Things high on efficiency and low on effectiveness should be paid heed to and be minimized. And finally, it’s rare to be both highly efficient and effective but the onus should be to be as close to the goal as it gets.

Every business entity has its predefined long and short-term goals. Every entity strives to achieve its objectives irrespectively. Its survival and profitability depend on its continuous evolvement. And in its pursuit both effectiveness and efficiency count in a great deal. A proper synchronization between the two may elevate a firm to a greater pedestal while the lack of it may hamper its progress. It is therefore imperative for a business to strike the balance between effectiveness and efficiency continuously.

We at Advance Agility are uniquely poised to deliver the digital transformation keeping in mind the twin paradigm of effectiveness and efficiency. Our pedigree speaks for itself. Do get in touch for further queries you may have. We would be happy to serve you.


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