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Starting with Product Release Plan

“When beginner; nail the basics first, detail the details later.”

Being new to agile you need to know the basic terms of it. One of the most important of them is the product release plan. So today, we have decided to give a complete insight into the Product Release Plan. We will go into the basics of the Release Plan to

  • Know what release is?

  • What difference between release and project?

  • When does release planning required and its benefits?

  • Prerequisites required for release plans.

All in all, we will learn on the total topic of release plan step to step up till creating it, as we have already gone through release plan creating in our previous article.

What is a Release?

Defining release is a very basic question which most are considered to be known but if asked to explain or define it becomes difficult for them to answer as they try to avoid any technical jargon. Instead of going into a difficult and confusing one, we will learn it easily. The release is a moment where we think that we can attract sales if it is in the market. In short, it is a final product that attracts sales.

The difference in Project and Release

If defined we can say that project is an idea, value, or set of values that have a defined starting point and a specific end. It is something that ends at a certain point in time. Whereas, the release is considered as a part of the project. There may be various releases in a project or even a single release that captures a complete project. Releases are compiled in projects as per the market prioritization. The project is divided into multiple dedicated teams. Teams in agile are categorized in product-based or project-based environments. Even though this seems a bit complicated but this is what, getting started in a large organization is. With this, we will move towards our next question

When do release planning is required and its benefits?

The release planning is only required when multiple sprints or multiple value delivery is required in the market. At that time-release planning is required to reason out a release in the market. An example of an organization that requires regular release and is much required of release plan are the finance and food industry. So as we know the sense of urgency of the release plan we also must know its benefits

The benefit of the release plan

  • It provides the list of what is to be released

  • It gives a reason and idea about the priority list for release. It lists out the minimum feature to be released at the required time to provide the maximum amount of outcome.

  • It provides an opportunity for the development team to set expectations giving a realistic view of the ideas. This helps in defining what is to be released and why? Along with how much time it will require to complete.

  • It helps in surfacing the hidden complexity of the project. When deciding on the release plan there is a thorough discussion about the features and release to be done and its time. While various questions are answered, some of which may refer to the complexity the project carry.

  • This thorough discussion also reveals the dependencies and risk this project required and can be planned to reduce some of this.

  • This release planning exercise also helps in setting the goals as a benchmark and then further measuring the performance of the team from their completion.

  • It avoids to-and-fro meeting as the level setting on requirement as it is already completed with this planning

Prerequisites Required for Release Plan

Every planning requires prior requirements such as some tools, charts, numbers, etc. For release planning, there are some basic prerequisites needed.

1. Product Backlog

It’s a list of features, and functionalities selected by the stakeholders to be developed and worked upon by the team.

2. Prioritized Backlog

It’s the order in which the product backlog features and functionalities are needed to be completed.

3. Input

This includes the input from the team for the required tools and infrastructure needed to complete this provided backlog. This input listing also should involve the team’s capacity and availability keeping in mind the team's working velocity.

4. Vision and Roadmap

This two are required from the business point of view to achieve the business objectives.

All the above-required prerequisites are already covered in our blog for your reference. As we now know the basics, “the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

So let’s get in action.

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