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Scrum@Scale and Scaled agile framework (safe) Program

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Advocates of the Programs:

1. Create a reference model by Self-Organizing Agile Teams

2. Requires leadership support by building guiding collation

3. Do not scale crappy code- building quality is the most

4. Dual Operating System- Organize around the flow of value

5. Relentlessly improve by Transparency, Inspection, and Adaptation

6. Build based on your organizational context- as there exists no fixed prescription

Comparison and Contrast between Scrum@Scale and SAFe Program

Agile Framework

SAFe and Scrum@Scale Program Execution

Scrum scale program

Events are Similar except a difference in Terminology


Scrum and Agile

Program Level Events are Same except that in S@S we do not have Innovation & Planning Iteration.

Meta Scrum in Scrum@Scale Vs. PI Planning in SAFe

PI planning in SAFe
Meta scrum in Scrum Scale

Meta Scrum in Scrum@Scale is not explained in very details but have the same purpose as PI Planning in SAFe which is 2 days cadence-based event every 4-6 iterations. This is to align the teams on a train and plan for the program increment.

Scrum@Scale and SAFe assess the maturity by self-assessment

Scrum Scale

Scrum@Scale focus on 3 Major Issues and 12 other components for measure and grow which becomes the basic of self-assessment and further improvement

Business Agility

Measure and Grow is the way portfolios evaluate their progress in Business Agility and determine their next improvement steps using the 21 dimensions from 7 Core values (3 Each)

Jira Align Support both S@S and SAFe Implementation

Jira Align and Jira integration drives value from inception (idea) to Cash.

• Formulating the vision, and strategy and getting the same communicated with everyone in a transparent way making us understand why we are doing, what we are doing

• Implementing most of the scaling framework building blocks from individuals to teams, program, large solutions and portfolios using the PI Planning and releasing process much easier

• Close collaboration gaps and unlock enterprise agility

• Helps us to prioritize the work and get predictability thus improving the relationship between business and IT

• Easier to integrate with a great support from the Atlassian team to make it swift


Key steps for integrating Jira with Jira Align


And you are ready for the Jira Integration Setup:

• Set up program increments and sprints

• Preparing for connector setup in Jira Align

• Establish connection

• Map projects to programs

• Map boards to teams

• Configure timers, issues, and fields

• Pull Jira user data

• Map statuses to states

• Set up next-gen projects

• Sync existing issues

• Check connector activity

• Authentication types

• Jira setup fields

• Viewing logs

• Manage custom field

Jira Management Settings

Access the Jira Management Settings page by selecting Administration > Connectors > Jira Management from the Nav menu. Three tabs display on this page:

• Jira Boards

• Jira Sprints

• Manage Jira Deleted Issues



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