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Scrum Master of SAFe

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

SAFe Scrum master

In SAFe the main value is Quality. When a product is built on scaled quantity then it’s important to maintain quality and not let it just be overlooked. Here the Scrum master plays a crucial role. Even though scrum masters don’t have a say in the quality of work done but they are the ones to foster technical excellence, coach the team for effective work done, and craft the team for continuous attention towards quality. But that is not the only responsibility of the scrum master in SAFe. By learning the details about scrum masters, we will come to understand more about their importance in safe.

Scrum Master is a leader in an agile team who educates the team in various techniques like scrum, kanban, SAFe, etc. Scrum master’s most time is dedicated to communicate, collaborate and coordinate the team members assisting them to reach the delivery goal.

Scrum meeting

Responsibilities of Scrum master

1. Manifest lean-agile leadership- Help the team to adapt and apply SAFe values, principles, and practices. To accomplish this scrum masters must exhibit leadership with a lean and agile mindset.

2. Ease team progress towards goals- Scrum master helps a team to create value and also productivity. They ease the process of achieving daily and iteration goals in the context of the PI objective.

3. Support team rule- Scrum master is responsible to reinforce team rules which include, scrum rule, the built-in quality practice of XP, WIP, etc., and any process rules team has agreed.

4. Achieving objectives of ART- Scrum master helps in aligning the team with release train at a larger level ensuring that the organization goals are also met as SAFe is about scaling of agile.

5. Support product owner- help product owner in reviewing backlog and also in prioritizing, managing, and achieving them.

6. Felicitate Events- Events like daily stand up, Iteration planning, iteration review, iteration retrospective, etc. are felicitated by the scrum master. They also have to ensure the event is within the time box and productive.

7. Promote quality practices- SAFe focuses on quality along with the velocity of the deliverables. Scrum masters have the responsibility of encouraging the team members to assimilate technical discipline and craftsmanship.

8. Remove Obstacles- When it comes to projects there will be issues that are beyond team reach to solve sometimes due to authority or requiring help from other teams. In this, scrum master addresses eliminate or communicate with the respective teams or team members and felicitate the obstacles.

9. Improve team dynamics- They focus on coaching the team for self-management, team bonding, and better quality outputs. This will help in improving team performance building a highly motivated, business-valued team.

10. Improve organization agility- While working on and through the team scrum master also needs to collaborate, coordinate, and communicate with stakeholders, other teams, and management to align the team with their committed goals and improve the overall development of stream value. So scrum masters are also responsible to focus on the internal and external activities of the team.

11. The support team for ART events- They assist the team in every ART event including, PI planning, system demos, inspect and adaptation.

12. Support SAFe adaption- they need to coach stakeholders and non-agile teams on efficient interaction with the agile team. They also need to participate in a community of Practice (CoP) and the organization’s SPCs.

A scrum master may be a full-time or part-time role. In general, it is mostly considered as a part-time role as it is not convenient economically and politically to hire an individual for duties which does not include development or testing. Even though initially these duties are a bit intense but in that cases, an organization can hire an external consultant for a time being to train a team.

Scrum masters by their coaching help the team to achieve new heights of productivity and reduced delivery time. They are the key link in scaling agile in organizations. A scrum master with effective skills, traits, and expertise can make the team grasp SAFe with ease and take the team towards new high performance hence improving the standard of the organization.

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