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Quick Tips for Boosting Credibility at Work

“Build your credibility so you won’t have to say the same thing twice before someone believes it.”

We have all heard the word credibility before but what does that means can be easily explained from the above quote. Credibility is a quality of a person which develops trust, integrity, and dependency of others on that person. Even though credibility is a word but in its actions speak louder than words.

Credibility is very important in the business world or we can say at our organizations because it greatly affects organizational performances. A manager or executives can’t complete their functions effectively if they can build their credibility. Employees, if don’t have any credibility, will be avoided to be included in the team as no one will be sure what they are capable of or are they even trustworthy to allocate work.

As scrum masters or coaches their credibility can be evaluated from the social and personal criteria which are based on their expertise, experience, and skills or competencies. Their evaluated credibility will develop trust in employees on that basis they will be ready to measure the risk to be taken for agile coaches and scrum masters. So here we will give some quick hacks to increase your credibility at the workplace.

Remove excessive politeness from speech

Most of the time we avoid saying our requirements in an order statement and go politely as much as possible. But we will suggest going with the direct statements. For example, instead of saying ‘I hope you will do it’ say, ‘I would love if you complete this.’ Remove uncertainty from your words and go with confidence and certainty. Instead of using I believe, I think, and I feel with I am confident, I’m convinced and I expect.

Be transparent

To be transparent in your work is very important to build trust. Withholding information to yourselves creates a view of controlling and untrustworthy team members or managers. To be transparent make sure

  • Every employee is aware of their roles, responsibility, and functionality

  • Establish a culture of communication making sure that every team member knows where to get verified information from

  • Be honest with goals and agendas

  • Trust in team members for following ethics and confidentiality with the information you shared.

  • Before starting any project make every team member knows about a strategy you are going to work with for the specific period.

Give importance to respect over likability

Don’t try to be all smiley and shaking hand person to others so that they can like you instead be a person who works and try to improve in account for the better interest of the team members. The impact of being a likable person will only be temporary even though it seems pleasant. But a person who sees and works for team and organization interest earn respects which follow them where ever they go. To be a person who earns respects must

  • Make sure to share every result (how small it may be) of assignments and projects with teams.

  • Provide appreciation publicly and feedback privately to every team member.

  • Be always open to new ways of working and feedback from others.

  • Take responsibility for your work may it be right or default.

Know your business

It is important to know the details you are working in. So make learning your process. Have deep knowledge of your sector and domain, always be ready to learn what is new and beneficial to you from your observation or others' feedback. Share your past experiences and achievements with others. Unless others don’t know what you are how will they trust you and know how credible you are? But for this, it’s not necessary to always shout it out loud. But try to find opportunities to talk and show your experiences when you are invited to it.

Encourage Team

“Trust is built on credibility, and credibility comes from acting in others' interest before your own.”

Instead of showing you as a controlling and only one decision-maker in the team involve others. Inclusion is required to build credibility. This shows your quality of others' interest and you as a person who is ready to give a seat at the table to others, a sharing one. Make sure that you involve yourselves, your team, and others in

  • Problem-solving

  • Providing the opportunity to work and share their ideas

  • Develop a judgment-free atmosphere

  • Provide openness and transparent culture within a team.

With the above tips, anyone can build or increase their credibility, and it needs to be done because “Credibility is a leader's currency. With it, they are solvent; and without it they are bankrupt.”

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