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Product Management of SAFe

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

“Product Management is the art and science of delivering delighting solutions to real market problems and doing so rather predictably.”

Being effective means doing the right thing. We need someone who can take this accountability of ensuring that the Agile Release Train of the Program is delivering the items with maximum economic benefit. Product Management in SAFe can be a single Product Manger or a couple of Product Mangers on Train depending on the size of the train who has the accountability of being effective.

SAFe offers a set of guiding principles for inline strategy and execution at each level of the organization. The framework smears lean and agile principles to help enterprises deliver complex solutions that satisfy customer and business needs in the shortest viable prime time. The product management team is in charge of setting product strategy, considerate what customers want, highlighting prior features, administrating work over program kanban, and evolving program vision and roadmap. They ensure that customers are satisfied and economic value is delivered to the business by organizations.

Product management starts with the customers divided into two:

  1. Internal customers are those who are part of the organization as managers of bank credits or other such internal product managers.

  2. External customers are outsiders who include business to business, Business to the profession, and business to customers.

External and internal customer managers along with the organization are responsible to create a total solution.

Moving towards details of responsibility of product management which can be categorized into:

Achieve Business goals

Along with considering the cost of products other variables also need to be measured while achieving the goal of economical product and meeting the organization's set goals. The variables they need to consider are

  • Focus also on revenue, market share, and profit obtained

  • Government evaluation may take place for service provided so make sure they meet government standards

  • Retain non-profit assess required to serve people during natural disasters.

Along with the above consideration they need to ensure development value stream is creating a feasible and sustainable product for which they create models on

  • How the solution is provided to the customers from the product.

  • Know of cost structure and in a license of components and suppliers.

  • Form revenue-generating and outsourcing element model.

  • Form a customer-centric model in every aspect which provides value.

In some cases where product management has to play different roles for example while handling epic, they need to a role as an epic owner.

”Don’t find customers for your products. Find products for your customer.”

Build Functionality

While providing value to customers product management have to be responsible for:

  • Customer’s need- with continuous exploration by various means they need to understand the customer's needs and ensure to act on them along with ART.

  • Product completeness- need to ensure the completeness of product from the particular customer perspective while it can vary in a multi-market segment.

  • Creating and conveying program vision and roadmap- by collaborating with system architects/engineers and understanding non-functional requirements they need to continuously update and convey the program vision and roadmap.

  • Prioritize and manage flow work- continuous management of workflow is also the responsibility of product management. They also need to ensure feature backlog as it is crucial to have enough features in a backlog for driving ART.

  • Join PI- As they need to present the vision and roadmaps they are bound to attend the PI planning and ensure to communicate upcoming milestones along with updates of vision and roadmaps.

  • Attend demos, Inspect and adapt- They have to be an active participant in system demos and inspect and adapt.

  • Describe release and program increment- business objectives are determined by product management by releasing and program increment series.

Deliver product up to the market

As they are responsible for the delivering pipeline, roadmap, etc they also have to play a crucial role in marketing the product and ensuring that the customer receives a complete value of the product as defined. In this process they ensure

  • Marketing and sales enablement by continuous meeting and communication with marketing and sales to understand the magnitude of the value released and its impact on activities.

  • Channel enablement is ensured by-product management in every release. It includes OEMs, VARs, and MSPs.

  • Service partners can be considered as links between customers and Product management as they configure and train the customers. So product management needs to be responsible for the right distribution of duties between service partners and ISV.

Leverage Support
  • Product management also ensures a product meets all legal requirements by collaborating with legal and compliance professionals.

  • Product management defines product policies, and the end life of the product mentions to customers.

  • Product managers are the ones to understand the customer experience with help of support professionals and ensure further development of the product by conveying the right requirements to the ART.

As described from the above responsibilities of product management we can see that the complete product lifecycle is covered by them. As they have to ensure that every level is programming fluently without any disturbance and also value addition is done in the process. So their responsibility also includes the product lifecycle management and technology updating in the process. For this, they must be able to learn and adapt to the latest and upcoming new technologies, understand the market value and merge them into the product for customer satisfaction.

“A great product manager has the brain of an engineer, the heart of a designer and the speech of a diplomat.”

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