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Need of Scrum and Scrum Masters

Working with agile and scrum frameworks is getting more and more popular. But still, most of the enterprises don’t use agile in their enterprises. They think going agile is a waste of time. Even if some goes with agile and scrum framework they avoid using scrum masters considering saving the cost required on scrum masters. They think that as the scrum teams are self-organized and self-managing they don’t need any leader or scrum masters to facilitate it. When other organization tackles uncertainties with ease you feel overwhelmed and try to know their secret. But the secret is simple

“We need leaders; leaders can see the bigger picture, understands the relationship between economy and its environmental support system.”

There is always a need to be upgraded. Upgrade to the latest technology, latest system, and latest working ways. This helps in overcoming the issues more easily and thoughtfully. As time moves on more of the new systems are introduced to acquire solutions on various issues. Agile now is considered as the more advanced and beneficial working way and thus most popular in date. Just as an example of human being progresses from crawling to riding a bike and make progress step by step similarly in agile we learn things step by step starting from changing our mindset up to self-organizing and working as a team without much interference or advice from the other authorities or executives. Scrum helps in building agile muscle within the team just as the paddle helps in building the balance on the bicycle ride and faster the ride. Using agile in complete flow in an organization is like using a bike with gear which provides you with the upgraded speed compared to other organizations.

Why Agile?

Before heading towards scrum and scrum masters we will briefly learn why agile is needed in today’s businesses. We may have heard a lot that agile provides improved team performance, customer satisfaction, etc. but the most important is that the agile methodology or framework helps us improve all from the inside out it starts by changing our mindset regarding traditional ways which are in today’s world are lacking behind up to the way we work considering it as our responsibility. It helps to improve from the complete base of the pyramid to the ace of it. It changes working from organization top management all up to teams each member with upcoming business ways and thinking.

Why Scrum?

Compared to other concepts in agile itself scrum is different from others. It split up the agile principles and concept into three categories; roles, time-box, and artifact. It understands human nature and also the need for change and helps to inherit the agile culture step by step in possible limited time without affecting the goals to be achieved. It helps in the management of most complex software development with ease. Even after changing once it ensures that the upcoming changes in agile and business will be accepted and implemented in the organization with ease understanding their importance. By doing so, scrum helps to implement agile in every aspect and department of an organization.

Why Scrum Master are needed?

We have already seen the various benefit of scrum masters in a team which is considered as their responsibility. Explaining these responsibilities again in short as

  • Visible lean-agile leadership in the team by making agile principles, practices and values understood and assimilate within the team.

  • Ease team progress towards goals

  • Support team rule

  • Achieve objectives of the agile release train

  • Support product owners in reviewing and planning backlog

  • Felicitate team related event

  • Promote quality practices within team

  • Remove obstacles along the path of the team while achieving their goals

  • Improve team dynamic and organization agility

  • Support team in agile adaptation and team events.

With the benefits above we can also say that scrum masters act like our parents who guide us and teach us the right way of working. They help us to improve ourselves and our capabilities. They point out and help in overcoming our shortcomings or obstacles even though we don’t appreciate them for that. They develop a team into a family where trust, transparency, and awareness of their responsibility are cultivated in every member. They make believe that “when a team works as a family they beats with one heart, and then become a successful team.When the right time comes they also let us go as our parents.

One who has understand the importance of agile, scrum and scrum master in today’s business their business will surely flourish compared to others that is for sure. It’s your call to make the right decision now.

About Advance Agility

We, at Advance Agility, are the new-age Agile Coaching, Consulting and IT services company. We enable end-to-end Digital Transformation. Agile execution is integral to our being. We are doing SAFe implementation with small, medium and large organization across the globe. Our vision is to be the leading Agile execution player globally. To keep adding value at every process stage. We are on a mission to empower our clients, move from concept to cash in the shortest sustainable lead time by adopting human centric approach to business agility. Embracing the change is in our DNA. Things that keep us apart are Quicker and Seamless execution with End-to-end gamut of services. Our Global presence and Stellar Track Record give us an edge over our competitor.

Connect with us at to learn about SAFe and SAFe Implementation. Write to us at for any agile training or consulting needs. We are always looking for competent agile trainers as well. So if you are a good trainer or want to become one, do get in touch with us to that we can learn, grow and achieve together.

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