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Most Important Agile Coach Interview Questions

Updated: Apr 13

You've acquired your Agile Certification to make you more competitive in the job market, and signal to employers that you have a baseline of knowledge expected of professionals. The process of studying for and getting the certification has helped you learn about Agile coaching and gain new skills. The following is a list of questions that an interviewer might ask you in an Agile coach interview. Being prepared to face these questions will surely make you more confident for the interview.

Agile coach

1. How would you define Agile?

2. Why is Agile transformation required?

3. How do think agile is different from other software development methods?

4. How long have you been working in agile transformation?

5. How do you meet the changing requirements during the development phases?

6. How do you define a Sprint?

7. What are the manifestations of the agile process?

8. Why do you think is the agile method iterative?

9. What is the difference between a Sprint and an Iteration?

10. What do you mean by co-creation?

11. Explain your understanding of the burndown charts.

12. How would you explain retrospectives?

13. How would you explain the velocity of a Sprint or project?

14. Explain some of the principles of agile methods?

15. Explain methods to manage iteration overlaps?

16. How would you explain burn-up charts?

17. How will you explain vertical slicing?

18. What according to you the responsibilities of an agile team?

19. What is the fine line between Mentoring and Coaching?

20. Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters what’s different?

Questions for experienced candidates

21. What different approaches have you taken to coach an Organization?

22. What are the various phases of change, and what have your responsibilities been during each of those phases?

23. What agile processes have you worked on before?

24. How do you decide when to Coach and When to Mentor?

25. How do you finalize the budget for the project?

26. As an agile coach, how would you handle complaints regarding frequent changes in requirements?

27. What tools are you more likely to prescribe to the teams you are coaching?

28. How do you approach a leader who is unwilling to take feedback?

29. What is your training approach?

30. How would you handle a situation where there is strong opposition from the middle management to adopt agility?

31. What approach would you take for changing the mindset of people in the workplace?

32. What challenges have you frequently faced during your Agile Transformation?

33. What metrics do you refer to see if a change has taken place?

34. What are some of the challenges you have faced with distributed teams?

35. What's your approach to managing distributed team conflicts?

36. What is your approach to conflict management?

37. How would you help a team adopt a story point technique from person-days or person-hours?

38. Is it possible to transform a Software development Organization just by using Extreme Programming practices?

39. What is your take on going with a scaling framework for transformations?

40. What is your triumphant moment as an Agile Coach?

41. Do you think an Agile Coach is a Facilitator? If Yes then why?

42. For how many weeks or months do you think an Agile Coach is needed for the Organization?

43. How many teams can an Agile Coach work with at a time?

44. How do you establish a coaching contract with the team?

45. What is your view about Agile Coaches keeping up to date in technology?

46. How will you coach a Product Owner on Agility provided that person is new to Agile working ways?

47. When do you think a Product Backlog item needs slicing?

48. What is the difference between the cost of delay and the cost of production?

49. What is the difference between output-based and outcome-based delivery?

50. What are the key metrics that can help a team?

51. What are the key metrics in an Agile Transformation?

52. One of the teams in the Organization is delivering significantly less velocity. How will you address this situation?

53. How can you help the same team in handling new product development and as well as support issues?

54. Based on your experience what is the optimum team size?

To clear the concept and get answers with a simple and deep understanding of the above questions you can refer to our articles.



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