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Measuring Performance of Scrum Master

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

They are the coach, facilitator, and navigator for the team, they are scrum masters. They create synergy and boost motivation within the team and help to achieve goals in the best possible way. They are one of the main pillars in building an agile culture within the team and hence in an organization. They ensure that the team is satisfied with the process and still completes the right task at the right time.

“A scrum master is like an orchestra conductor, guiding a group of individuals to create something that no one of them could create alone.”

scrum master

Even though we can’t refer to scrum masters as the Boss but they still are the ones whose performance can highly affect the team’s success. They are the ones for measuring a team’s performance but how to measure their performance? Even though agile is well known now but many still don’t know how to measure scrum master performance. Today we will learn as a scrum masters how to measure your performance and teach even to others how to measure your performance.

Performance Varies Subjectively

Performances are subjective; it depends on the observers. Different situations or projects have different requirements and fulfillment of this requirement from the required person defines their performance. This is applied to everyone and hence also to scrum masters. The performance of scrum masters depends on the expectation of the team and managers they are working with. So whenever put in any new situation or project scrum masters must firstly ensure what they are expected to do. They can have a small discussion with managers or team members to know their roles and the possible expectations from them.

Divide Expectations

Once we got the expectation from us we can further put them into a list and divide them into categories such as independent and dependent expectations. While doing so it will help if asked to join your team along. This will make team aware of the task they are also expected to perform, for example, the expectation from you is educating the team regarding agile values and principles to change the mindset. Even though this task is expected from you but it's dependent and includes your team. This will also give you a small tour of what you need to complete and help you to prioritize what’s needed to complete first.

Measure Teams Performance as Yours
measure teams performance

“Being a leader is not about you. It’s about the people that are on your team and how you can help them be successful.”

The performance of your team also helps in measuring scrum masters as their leader’s performance. The ability of your performance decide the team’s performance and vice versa as you both are in the same boat towards becoming a high-performing team. There are various methods to measure a team’s performance. The best way to measure teams' performance is to measure their performance consistently based on their psychological safety and their current stage of working.

Delivered Business Value from You

Even though the above steps are enough to measure the performance of a scrum master but by going one step beyond you can ensure your performance from the organization's perspective. By knowing what business value you and as a scrum master and your team has provided to the organization or have you helped in achieving some of it will guarantee your performance. This business value can be recognized from the business return on investment, created goodwill, risk reduction, market share, and brand recognition. You don't need to monetize for the company directly but even indirect support and achievements are also helpful and can be measured as good performance. If required asking a sales team support to learn monetizing the team will also help.

Team Environment
team environment

The environment of the team will also help in measuring scrum masters' performance. The better-performing scrum master will provide the team with a happy, transparent, and trustworthy environment. The satisfied team is a metric of measuring performance. Scrum Masters are the ones who are responsible for a team environment. It’s always considered as a fruit of their hard work in creating, maintaining, and developing such an atmosphere within the team.

“Goal isn’t to be perfect but to be progressively less unwise.”

Better understand it early, better the life will be. Knowing our value and what we provide to the organization gives us satisfaction and value in our work. Being a scrum master whose role is important but not that visual, needs some measure for their performance which provides fulfillment to their tasks and makes them visible.

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